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    23 British Breakfast Quirks The Rest Of The World Doesn't Understand

    Why has bubble and squeak not caught on elsewhere?

    1. Dippy eggs and soldiers.

    Twitter: @harrilou

    This is the most comforting breakfast you can make yourself when you're off work sick.

    2. Crumpets covered in butter.

    Twitter: @FoodSteamAhead

    You want the butter to seep through the bottom of the crumpet and onto your plate.

    3. Hot buttered toast with a proper cup of tea.

    Twitter: @j7bmd

    Preferably from a greasy caf that has slightly sticky tables.

    4. Hot buttered toast covered in Marmite.

    Twitter: @BRkHZN

    It's the ultimate way to start curing a hangover.

    5. Jam on toast.

    Twitter: @sumi_reviewz

    It's basic, but it's popular for a reason.

    6. Marmalade on toast.

    Twitter: @bysarahbaker

    The true breakfast of British dads.

    7. Or lemon curd on toast, if you're feeling fancy

    Twitter: @bysarahbaker

    If you've got some nice bread in the house and your mum's just been to the farmers market, lemon curd on toast is the ideal breakfast.

    8. Buck's Fizz with your breakfast at Christmas.

    Twitter: @rheawarren19

    You call them mimosas and drink them all year round, we call them Buck's Fizz and drink them on one specific day only.

    9. Hot cross buns at Easter.

    Twitter: @larapace_1

    Normally just covered in butter, but also weirdly delicious covered in Nutella.

    10. Beans on toast.

    Twitter: @ot_benk

    If you're extra fancy, you might stir a little paprika into your beans.

    11. Beans and cheese on toast.

    Twitter: @georgielmgm

    Grated Red Leicester and Heinz beans is the perfect toast topping.

    12. Beans on toast, covered in ketchup.

    Twitter: @lovingyoustill_

    It's kind of weird to cover tomato-y beans with tomato-y sauce but it's delicious so why would you not?

    13. A full English breakfast.

    Twitter: @Lboro_campus

    Looks enormous, but is exactly what you need when you've had a bit too much wine the night before.

    14. Especially the tinned tomatoes.

    Twitter: @Fitspo50

    You wouldn't eat these alone, but warmed through tinned tomatoes are the best part of any full English.

    15. And the fried bread.

    Twitter: @garryinnorfolk

    Literally sliced white bread fried in vegetable oil. Delicious.

    16. And all the regional bits like laverbread, lorne sausages, and potato farls.

    If you go on a weekend away to Wales, Scotland, or Ireland you will undoubtedly eat a fru-up at some point and discuss the pros and cons of the variations.

    17. A Belfast bap.

    Twitter: @ZachHonig

    What's not amazing about soda bread stuffed full of bacon, sausage, fried eggs, and champ?

    18. Hash browns from the freezer.

    Twitter: @zellskitchen

    These are usually eaten with a full English, but if you don't have the other ingredients in the house it's perfectly acceptable to make yourself a plate of freezer hash browns.

    19. A Greggs sausage roll.

    Twitter: @KeevoBrown82

    If you don't have time for breakfast at home, a flaky sausage roll is the perfect kind of breakfast to eat on the go.

    20. Toasted Scotch pancakes.

    Twitter: @JimmyJazzEsq

    Soooo comforting.

    21. A baked bean omelette.

    Twitter: @TrevorDolan

    Sounds gross, looks gross, tastes delicious.

    22. A proper bacon butty.

    Twitter: @LyricSheffield

    Made with proper English bacon, not gross, crispy American bacon.

    23. And finally, bubble and squeak.

    Twitter: @Priyesh123

    Eating bubble and squeak the next morning is the best thing about having a Sunday roast. It's got to include potato and cabbage, but peas and Brussels sprouts are a great addition too.