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    16 Questions About Boobs Only Yahoo Answers Can Help You With

    There's some great advice in here.

    1. When you just can't control them anymore.

    2. When you feel like getting inventive with your condiments.

    3. When you're a bit too close to your pet.

    4. When you're too old to be playing computer games.

    5. When you've got a problem and you need to sort it out.

    6. When you just wondered.

    7. When you just want to feel a girl's SEXY boobs.

    8. When you're worried you've been a bit selfish.

    9. When you didn't listen during sex education.

    10. When you fancy a bite to eat.

    11. When you're not sure if they're going to BOING or not.

    12. When you just can't work out what you're doing wrong.

    13. When you're in the market for boob hacks.

    14. When you're willing to try anything.

    15. When you can't resist a poke.

    16. OM NOM NOM.

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