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    Updated on Dec 6, 2019. Posted on Nov 8, 2017

    28 Weird London Things That'll Make You Say "WTF?" If You're Not British

    Some of our tubes are driven by computers.

    1. Some of our tubes are driven by computers. / BuzzFeed

    The Victoria, Central, Northern, and Jubilee lines are all driven by computers. The "driver" sitting in the cab is responsible for opening and closing doors and taking over the tube in case of emergency.

    2. There is a whole network of abandoned tube stations underground.

    3. And there's an entire farm underground in an unused tube tunnel.

    Facebook: BuzzFeedUK

    The salad grown by Growing Underground is sold in M&S and served in restaurants around London.

    4. Some of the frieght trains that pass through London's overground stations during off peak hours carry nuclear waste.

    But don't worry, it's not dangerous.

    5. If you get a train out of London, it's perfectly normal to buy a gin in a tin, or a glass of wine with a tin foil lid for the journey.

    Twitter: @HungryCityHippy, Twitter: @lorijohnson1991

    Wherever you are in he UK, this is in no way shameful.

    6. Even though Google Maps exists, black cab drivers have to learn 320 routes through 25,000 of London's streets off by heart before they can get a license.

    It takes the average cab driver 2-4 years to actually complete their training. We even had a reality TV show in which celebrities took The Knowledge.

    7. Apartments almost always come with washing machines in the kitchens.

    Here's a selfie I took in 2015 with a washing machine just to prove to Americans that British people actually put t…

    That's just the way it is.

    8. We don't have space for dryers, so this is a perfectly normal way to dry your clothes.

    9. We also don't have trash chutes. If you live in a block of flats you have to get the lift down the the ground floor, go outside, and then put your rubbish in a communal room of bins.

    10. And if you don't live in a block of flats, you just leave your rubbish out on the street.

    It's collected very early in the morning.

    11. Londoners get bedbugs all the time.


    It's just a thing that we've learned to deal with.

    12. Almost none of us have cars, garages, or basements.

    Channel 4

    13. But it's perfectly normal for us to have pay as you go gas and electricity meters.

    When you run out, you have to walk to the Post Office to top your meter up.

    14. We employ people called lollipop ladies who walk into the middle of roads near schools to stop cars and make it safe to cross.

    15. In the summer, Londoners take their drinks outside the pub and drink them on the pavement.

    Twitter: @anniefitz

    It doesn't bother us if the pavement is next to a major road.

    16. And if we go for after work drinks, we never get dinner.

    Twitter: @SalmonLogs

    We might split a £1.20 bag of crisps between the people we're with, but that's it.

    17. We're perfectly happy queueing for over an hour to get dinner at a restaurant that refuses to take reservations.

    18. But we're equally happy buying our lunch from a chemist.

    Twitter: @search

    Boots the the weirdest (also best) part of Britain, if you think about it.

    19. The actual City of London is only three square miles. This is what it looks like compared to actual London.

    Google Maps

    20. Our police regularly travel by horseback.

    Twitter: @someguydudeYT

    They even go round roundabouts on horses.

    21. Once a year, London Zoo has a weigh in, where the keepers weigh literally every animal at the zoo.

    Via Getty Images

    It's the cutest day of the year.

    22. Big supermarkets are weirdly hard to find in London.

    Twitter: @Desirodave

    Unless you live in a suburb, you probably do your weekly shop in a downsized supermarket that doesn't have everything you need.

    23. And when you do find a big supermarket, you have to rent your trolley for £1.

    Twitter: @GF_Susie_C / BuzzFeed

    This actually happens all over the UK so it caused mayhem when they recently changed the shape of the £1 coin.

    24. There are foxes literally everywhere in London.

    Apart from pigeons, foxes are London's most-sighted animal.

    25. And for some reason we're OK with the fact that London's entire floor is covered in a carpet of chicken bones.

    Twitter: @RealChrisMarsh

    There are fried chicken shops all over London and no one ever puts the bones in the bin.

    26. We have one tube station that's literally in the middle of a river.

    Blackfriars station is in the middle of the Thames.

    27. Talking of the Thames, we have a yearly event in which people swim in it.

    Twitter: @HenleySwim

    You're advised to drink a can of Coke after the race to kill any bacteria you may have swallowed.

    28. And finally, there's a pet cemetery in the middle of Hyde Park.

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