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28 Weird London Things That'll Make You Say "WTF?" If You're Not British

Some of our tubes are driven by computers.

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1. Some of our tubes are driven by computers. / BuzzFeed

The Victoria, Central, Northern, and Jubilee lines are all driven by computers. The "driver" sitting in the cab is responsible for opening and closing doors and taking over the tube in case of emergency.


5. If you get a train out of London, it's perfectly normal to buy a gin in a tin, or a glass of wine with a tin foil lid for the journey.

6. Even though Google Maps exists, black cab drivers have to learn 320 routes through 25,000 of London's streets off by heart before they can get a license.

It takes the average cab driver 2-4 years to actually complete their training. We even had a reality TV show in which celebrities took The Knowledge.

7. Apartments almost always come with washing machines in the kitchens.

Here's a selfie I took in 2015 with a washing machine just to prove to Americans that British people actually put t…

That's just the way it is.


19. The actual City of London is only three square miles. This is what it looks like compared to actual London.


21. Once a year, London Zoo has a weigh in, where the keepers weigh literally every animal at the zoo.