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    23 Snacks That Taste Exactly Like '90s Birthday Parties

    Pass me the Party Rings.

    1. Ice Gems

    Twitter: @LouiseCobb_

    The best way to eat these was to bite off the top and then eat the biscuit afterwards.

    2. Chocolate fingers

    Twitter: @harryboarer

    The right way to eat these was nibbling all the chocolate off very carefully, making sure you didn't break the biscuit.

    3. Traffic light lollies

    Twitter: @FloeyFriis

    Whenever you ate one of these, you inevitably hit your teeth with it.

    4. Cartoonies

    Twitter: @Rambo1234Samuel

    If you ever got one of these without chocolate in the middle, it was an outrage. Also, why was the chocolate inside always so cold?

    5. Jelly and ice cream

    Twitter: @mumrant

    This is a delicious combination and I will never understand why adults don't eat it.

    6. Colin the Caterpillar cake

    Twitter: @baronnas

    An absolute birthday staple.

    7. Cadbury Snaps

    Twitter: @whxresthepizza

    Like Pringles, but better.

    8. Rice Crispie cakes

    Twitter: @JDBieberTeamUK

    The best Rice Crispie cakes had a layer of solidified butter at the bottom.

    9. Cadbury Mini Rolls

    Twitter: @Fairysoprano

    You ate the outside chocolate layer, before you even considered eating the cakey bit.

    10. Cheese, grapes, and pineapple on toothpicks.

    Twitter: @Lau_ra_1

    Except there was always one person who picked off the fruit and left the cheese.

    11. Cocktail sausages on a tiny stick

    Twitter: @andrew_wilce

    They look gross but taste delicious.

    12. Choc Dips

    Twitter: @BenJCole19

    You always ended up with left over sticks because you ate your chocolate too soon.

    13. Butterfly fairy cakes

    Twitter: @MumblebeeMade

    Only the best mums made these for their kids' parties.

    14. Cheese string

    Twitter: @Maddiemoolol

    If you didn't pull the stringly bits apart, then you were a monster.

    15. Pez

    Twitter: @HGreenhill92

    The queen of birthday party snacks.

    16. Sunny Delight

    Twitter: @rkull

    Everyone heard the rumour about turning orange if you drunk too much.

    17. Panda Pops

    Twitter: @DB400

    These made you get so hyper you were basically drunk.

    18. Candy sticks

    Twitter: @IsaacDaKing

    If you were really cool, you pretended to smoke one of these and critiqued the other kids' smoking methods.

    19. Chewits

    Twitter: @Loubella_x_

    They kinds stuck your teeth together but they were delicious so you didn't care.

    20. Black Jacks and Fruit Salads

    Twitter: @williamsglyn

    You obviously knew which one was your favourite and your choice said a lot about you.

    21. Calypsos

    That sweet, sweet, plasticky taste.

    22. Sherbert straws

    Twitter: @beulahweddings4

    But if you sucked the end instead of pouring the sherbet straight into your mouth, it all got stuck and wouldn't come out.

    23. Bland but delicious crustless sandwiches

    Twitter: @SueHall94

    Whoever decided that adults have to eat crusts was a bad person.

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