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    18 Makeup Trends From 2017 That We'll Cringe About In 2027

    We'll tell our children about the days everyone used to wear highlighter.

    1. Unicorn nails.

    Twitter: @KimFriedmutter

    They look amazing but it doesn't feel like they're going to stand the test of time.

    2. Covering your entire face in highlighter.

    Twitter: @vivianlisetttee

    One day we'll tell our children that in 2017, everyone permanently looked like they'd just worked out.

    3. Contouring in general.

    Twitter: @BiancaBattagli

    Soooo much effort.

    4. Especially if the contouring is not on your face.

    Getty Images

    This must be a phase.

    5. Making your lips as plump as you possibly can.

    i screwed up. #kyliejennerchallenge #uhoh 😷

    Thanks, Kylie Jenner.

    6. And using an insane amount of lip liner.

    Twitter: @Nisryna

    Eventually we'll forget about lip liner.

    7. Holographic lips.

    8. But also holographic nails.

    Twitter: @inkimmyshead

    2017 is truly the year of the holograph.

    9. Filling in your eyebrows until they're unreasonably large.

    Twitter: @miss_vo

    In the '00s it was all about thin eyebrows and now we've gone the other way.

    10. False eyelashes.

    ITV 1

    So sticky and so hard to apply.

    11. Applying foundation with bizarre implements, like a silicon beauty blender.

    Twitter: @Priispb

    We'll return to conventional makeup application methods one day.

    12. Or worse, a condom.

    13. Or, of course, a literal human ball.

    14. Very pointy almond nails.

    Twitter: @drewsdaegu

    We were into square-tipped French manicures in the '00s and now we're into constantly looking like we're pointing.

    15. Cuticle art.

    16. Actually, just nail art in general.

    It looks great, it's just impossible to get right yourself.

    17. Matte lipstick

    Shiny lips will be cool again one day.

    18. And of course, lollipop lips.

    Twitter: @_beautytweets__

    It won't be cool to look like you've got snogging rash on your lips forever.