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    23 Beauty Rituals From The '00s That Should Never Make A Comeback

    Tippex French manicures, anyone?

    1. Giving yourself a French manicure with a Tippex pen.

    2. Or if you were really fancy, getting square-tippped false nails.

    It made things like typing and writing difficult, but you didn't care.

    3. But the creepiest trend of all was getting false toenails.

    Genuinely eughhhhh.

    4. Covering your lids in frosted eyeshadow of any colour.

    William Conran / PA Archive/Press Association Images
    EMPICS Entertainment
    Sean Patterson / EMPICS Entertainment

    The brighter, the better.

    5. Sticking a diamanté gem to your tooth.

    Twitter: @EmmaLouise_J

    This automatically made you cool.

    6. Tying your hair up with a colourful scrunchie made out of fake hair.


    The more it clashed with your natural hair colour, the better.

    7. Coating your lips in very pink gloss.

    Lancôme if you were fancy and Barry M if you were normal.

    8. Covering your body in fake tan.

    Tabatha Leggett / BuzzFeed

    It didn't matter if it went patchy because being patchy was better than being pale.

    9. Dying your hair with chunky highlights.

    Rich Lee / EMPICS Sports Photo Agency
    EMPICS Entertainment
    JK / EMPICS Entertainment

    If you were lucky, you got to go to a salon and get this done professionally.

    10. Getting a Playboy belly ring.

    Twitter: @Fizzarcher

    And then dressing in denim mini skirts and crop tops for the rest of your life.

    11. Plucking your eyebrows into teeny tiny sperms.

    Francis Specker / EMPICS Entertainment

    Who wouldn't want two sperm swimming across their face?

    12. Or just plucking them off entirely and then drawing them back on with eyeliner.

    Suzan / All Action Pictures Ltd
    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
    Suzan / All Action Pictures Ltd

    Black eyeliner only, mind.

    13. Scraping your hair back with a zigzag hairband.

    Redbus Film Distribution / Fox Searchlight Pictures

    So ~sporty~.

    14. Clipping very obvious hair extensions to your scalp.

    EMPICS Entertainment
    EMPICS Entertainment

    These just look painful.

    15. Applying bronzer to your face and neck area liberally.

    Jeff Vespa / Getty

    Note the excellent '00s bandana.

    16. Running glittery hair mascara through your hair.

    Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    From Claire's Accessories, obviously.

    17. Concealing your entire lips.

    Yui Mok / PA WIRE / BuzzFeed

    Lips were so not chic in the '00s.

    18. Backcombing your hair so it literally stuck up.

    Getty Images

    For some reason this was a very desired look.

    19. Drawing round circles on your cheeks in blusher.

    EMPICS Entertainment
    Doug Peters/EMPICS Entertainment

    The aim was to always look like you'd just come out of PE.

    20. Dyeing your hair blonde on top and black underneath.

    And straightening it until it nearly fell out.

    21. Twirling your hair with a BaByliss Crazy Braid.

    EMPICS Entertainment

    You added beads to the bottom of your braids if you were really cool.

    22. Smudging eyeliner around your entire eyes.


    Effy from Skins was your idol.

    23. And finally, covering your chest in body glitter.

    Getty Images

    You wanted to shimmer at all times.

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