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43 Horrible, Awkward, Painful Things Every Twentysomething Grandma Has Been Through

There's nothing worse than forgetting you have plans after work, and then remembering.

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1. Getting into bed with a cup of tea and a book at 9.30pm, reading until your eyes get tired, and then realising you forgot to lock the front door.

2. When winter turns into spring and you have to put your snuggly jumpers away for another year.

3. Intending to wake up early and get your chores out of the way before work, but accidentally sleeping through your alarm.

4. Planning a night in on the sofa and getting a spontaneous text from a friend you’ve not seen for ages at 5pm asking whether you’re free for a drink.

5. Planning a long bath with a glass of wine and a bath bomb, only to find that your housemate has invited people over so you can’t have the bathroom to yourself.

6. Your scented candle running out and not having a new one to replace it with.

7. Having plans on both days of the weekend.

8. Thinking that your favourite cooking show starts tonight, but then realising you’re ahead of yourself and it doesn’t start until next week.

9. Getting a brand new piece of cooking equipment and breaking it before you even get a chance to use it.

10. Laddering your tights on the day on the first autumnal day you wear them.

11. Getting a hole in your comfiest pair of cotton pants.

12. A vegetable from your organic veg box going bad before you get a chance to eat it.

13. Agreeing to go out for dinner with a friend when you’ve got a full fridge at home.

14. Spilling wine over the book you’re reading.

15. Getting a really early flight that you have to leave the house at 5am for.

16. Your best friend hosting their birthday party in a bar and having to spend the entire evening standing up.

17. Missing the last train home.

18. Feeling a bit peckish after dinner, and then realising you’ve run out of biscuits.

19. Seeing a film or play that doesn’t finish until 10pm.

20. Going to a wedding and having to wear high heels for the whole thing.

21. Especially if you have to walk over cobbles.

22. Going to the pub after work, getting a tipsy, and then realising you’re not going to have time for a proper dinner.

23. Calling up a restaurant to book a table for a special occasion and being told that your table won't be available until 9pm.

24. Being in the mood to clean, and then realising that you’ve run out of kitchen spray.

25. Going out without an umbrella or coat and then getting rained on.

26. Going to IKEA and only realising that it’s half term when you get there and it's 100 times busier than normal.

27. Wanting to wear a shirt to work and then realising that it’s still in the ironing basket, so you’ll have to do a rushed job before breakfast.

28. Planning to go to a party with a friend, and then your friend bailing on you when you’re already on your way so you have to make small talk with strangers for an entire evening.

29. Hosting a dinner party and trying out a new recipe, only for it go horribly wrong so you have to order a takeaway instead.

30. Being invited to a party that starts at 3pm and not knowing whether lunch, dinner, or neither will be provided.

31. Arranging to meet someone and then them being 15 minutes late.

32. Settling down for a daytime nap, only for your phone to ring as soon as you close your eyes.

33. Planning to spend a weekend in the garden, only for it pour with rain throughout.

34. Being at a party where the music is that little bit too loud so you get a sore throat from shouting over it.

35. Not getting your full eight hours sleep.

36. Wearing through the soles of your comfiest trainers and having to wear less comfortable shoes until you replace them.

37. Getting invited to an event where the dress code is smart casual so you can’t just get away with wearing a sack dress.

38. Having to go to the supermarket on a Saturday afternoon because you need to pick up an ingredient for dinner, and it being horrendously busy.

39. Planning an evening of baking, only to realise that you ran out of sugar and forgot to replace it.

40. Being offered tea at a friend’s house and realising that they don’t have anything herbal.

41. Your cosiest pyjamas being in the wash so you have to wear slightly less comfy ones.

42. Wanting to go for a long walk on a Sunday afternoon but it being too cold and rainy.

43. Everything about the clubbing experience.