An Important Ranking Of The UK’s Eurovision Performances, As Judged By This Year’s Entrant

Nul points.

This is Molly Smitten-Downes. She’ll be representing the UK in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

We know her geography isn’t great, but wondered how she’d fare as a Eurovision judge.

We played Molly 10 of the UK’s most memorable Eurovision entries. She ranked them out of 12.

1. 2007: Scootch, “Flying The Flag (For You)”

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Although “Flying The Flag (For You)” reached No.5 in the UK Singles Chart, it only came 22nd in 2007’s Eurovision.

2. 2006: Daz Sampson, “Teenage Life”

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“Teenage Life” reached No.8 in the UK Singles Charts, but Daz only came 19th in the competition.

3. 2011: Blue, “I Can”

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Blue finished in 11th place, and “I Can” peaked at No.16 on the UK’s Official Singles Charts. It was Blue’s lowest-charting UK single.

4. 2013: Bonnie Tyler, “Believe In Me”

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Bonnie Tyler came 19th in 2013’s contest, and “Believe In Me” reached No.93 in the UK’s Official Singles Chart the following day.

5. 1973: Cliff Richard, “Power To All Our Friends”

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Cliff Richard came 3rd in 1973 and “Power To All Our Friends” peaked at No.4 in the UK Singles Chart.

6. 2009: Jade Ewan, “It’s My Time”

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Jade Ewan came 5th in 2009’s Eurovision. It peaked at No.27 on the UK Singles Chart.

7. 1969: Lulu, “Boom Bang-A-Bang”

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“Boom Bang-A-Bang” was the joint winner of 1969’s Eurovision with 3 other entries: Spain; the Netherlands; and France. It reached No.2 in the UK Singles Chart.

8. 1996: Gina G, “Ooh Aah… Just A Little Bit”

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Gina G came 8th in the competition and “Ooh Aah… Just A Little Bit” reached No.1 in the UK Singles Chart 2 months later.

9. 1981: Bucks Fizz, “Making Your Mind Up”

Matthew Tucker / BuzzFeed


Bucks Fizz, who formed especially for Eurovision, won the contest in 1981. “Making Your Mind Up” was a UK No.1 single.

10. 1997: Katrina And The Waves, “Love Shine A Light”

Matthew Tucker / BuzzFeed


Katrina and the Waves won 1997’s Eurovision Song Contest. It peaked at No.3 on the UK Singles Chart.

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