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33 Accessories Every '00s Teen Owned And Loved

But without a mood ring, how could you tell how you really felt?

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1. Hair braids that eventually fell out and left a little stump of hair behind.

2. Mood rings.

3. Friendship necklaces.

4. Lots of little badges.

5. Livestrong wristbands.

6. Diamante Baby Gs.

7. Toe rings.

8. Ties worn as necklaces.

Scott Gries / Getty

9. Wedding-style hair grips from Claire's.

10. Anklets that made a noise as you walked.

11. Shag bands.

12. Butterfly hair clips.

13. Scarves worn as headbands.

George De Sota / Getty

14. A single, oversize hair clip.

15. Ring watches.

16. Healing bracelets.

17. Skinny scarves.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty
Frederick M. Brown / Getty

18. Tattoo-style chokers.

19. With a matching ring and bracelet.

20. Indian-style bangles.

21. Headbands with your name on them.

22. Chopsticks in your hair.

Frank Micelotta / Getty

23. Wooden bangles.

24. Scrunchies made of hair.

25. Especially if the hair wasn't a natural colour.

26. Colourful hoop earrings.

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27. Hair bands that didn't actually push any hair back.

28. Safety pin earrings.

29. And bracelets.

30. String, plaited into your hair.

31. Feather earrings.

32. Diamante cross necklaces.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty

33. And, of course, "Bang on the Door" animal scrunchies.