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    Just A Reminder Of How Hot '00s Orlando Bloom Was

    You're not the only person who doodled "Mrs Bloom" over their exercise books.

    1. If you were alive in the '00s, chances are you had a pretty serious crush on Orlando Bloom.

    2. And that's because '00s Orlando Bloom was the literal human embodiment of perfection.

    3. He was perfect as Paris in Troy.

    4. He was beyond perfect as Will Turner in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

    5. And he was multiple levels above perfect when he played Legolas in the Lord of the Rings films.

    6. Every '00s teenager had at least one poster of Orlando Bloom on their wall.

    7. Every single one of us.

    8. And we all had at least one friend who dedicated their whole bedroom, and their heart ofc, to Orlando.

    9. And it was perfectly understandable.

    10. Because he was gorgeous.

    11. Drop.

    12. Dead.

    13. Gorgeous.

    14. Back then, you'd have given anything to be Kirsten Dunst in Elizabethtown.

    15. You'd have given anything to be this girl, pressed up against his cheek.

    16. And you'd have given anything to be this microphone, clasped so gently in his hand.

    17. Back in the '00s, Orlando was on the front of every magazine.

    18. He really was the poster boy of the decade.

    19. With his perfect white teeth.

    20. And his lovely, floppy hair.

    21. And his wonderful pashmina.

    22. Because Orlando Bloom was your dream boyfriend.

    23. You wanted nothing more than to be with him.

    24. To love him.

    25. And to fall asleep each night with Orlando by your side.