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    A Luxury Hotel For Cats Has Opened In Yorkshire

    And the staff will even read your cat a bedtime story.

    This is a very happy cat.


    That's because it is staying in The Ings Luxury Cat Hotel in West Yorkshire.

    Here it is in a four poster bed.


    It's just chilling out, watching the virtual fish tank that is in its room.

    Here it is deciding what to order from the à la carte menu.


    Later, it might decided to have a massage or listen to a bedtime story.

    There are 14 suites in The Ings Hotel, and they range in price from £15 - £40 per night.


    Owners are updated on their cats' holidays via postcards and emails.

    "It’s the perfect place for a cat to come," owner Jo Ounsley told the Metro. "We just want them to be constantly entertained and stimulated, and that really leads to a happy cat."

    Basically, it's amazing.

    For more information about The Ings Luxury Cat Hotel, click here.

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