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43 Things Kids Born After 1999 Will Never Understand

Times were hard before 1999.

1. Going through this rigmarole every time you wanted to play Solitaire.

2. How powerful you felt when you were put in charge of the OHP.

3. The painful decision of which text to delete because your phone memory ran out.

4. The crushing disappointment of getting a new phone and realising you'd lost your high score on Snake 2.

5. Learning how to compose a ringtone, and then doing it on all your friends' phones too.

6. And later, sending songs like this.

7. Waiting for your Babyliss crimpers to warm up for what felt like hours.

8. The amount of time you spent trying to get the perfect angle for a webcam selfie.

9. "omg dat was my m8"

10. But eventually having to log off MSN because your mum needed to use the home phone.

11. The pain of downloading a song on Limewire, only to find that it was a radio recording where the DJ spoke over the end of it.

12. Learning HTML to make your Myspace profile look ~cool~.

13. Seeing yourself in someone's Top 8, even though you only sat by each other in like, one lesson.

14. This.

15. Having to wait until Friday to see the proper chart rundown on Top of the Pops.

16. The race to cover your screen before Internet Explorer started working again.

17. The horror of accidentally connecting to the internet on your phone.

18. Having to cough on the hour, every hour, when your Baby-G went off in a lesson.

19. The race to be the first in your year to do this.

20. Getting told off for copying your friend's homework when actually you'd both just copied Encarta.

21. The thrill when the cereal box toy finally came out.

22. Getting a video from the rental shop and finding out the person before you hadn't rewound it.

23. The endless arguments with this lad.

24. Playing this game even though you had no idea what you were doing.

25. Having to go through the Yellow Pages every time you needed someone's number.

26. The stealth involved in passing notes in class.

27. The absolute mystery of picking up the phone and not knowing who was calling.

28. But not being able to walk around because your phone wasn't cordless.

29. The awkwardness of calling your friend and having to make small talk with their dad before they passed you over.

30. And then hearing breathing down the phone line and knowing someone in one of your houses was listening.

31. Being taught the Dewey Decimal System on your first day of senior school.

32. Having to look up what films were on in the local paper.

33. Waiting ages to get your holiday photos printed, and then realising they were all too dark and blurry anyway.

34. Writing a letter in banana gel pen but then not being able to read it.

35. The absolute mindfuck of what Big Brother was back when reality TV wasn't really a thing.

36. The best bit of buying an album being reading the thank you page in the sleeve.

37. Erasing your pen and your page going fuzzy from the ink eraser.

38. The excitement of using different search engines, like AskJeeves or ABC Search, even though they all gave you the same results, because why the hell not?

39. The struggle of playing Gameboy in the dark.

40. The devastation of bending one of these and seeing your future fortune disappear.

41. Using teletext to book a holiday.

42. Having to delete files off one of these so you had room to save your homework.

43. And truly believing that owning a Palm Pilot was the height of glam.