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29 Good Reasons To Worship Russell Brand As A God


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1. Everyone's talking about Russell Brand right now.

2. He guest edited this week's New Statesman, and his excellent 4,500 word call for revolution was published this morning.

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3. In it, he likened shaking George Osborne’s hand to "sliding [his] hand into a dilated cow."

4. And yesterday he advised Jeremy Paxman to "tangle [his beard] into [his] armpit hair" on Newsnight.

5. But Russell Brand was amazing waaaaaay before he became an political activist.

6. Remember when he worked at MTV and bought his drug dealer into work?

7. And when he interviewed Richard Dawkins on his BBC2 radio show?

8. And when he presented Big Brother's Big Mouth and flirted with every single female contestant?

9. And when he took over Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack and asked all the girls to strip?

10. That's when the Sun first crowned him "Shagger of the Year" - an accolade he's since received four times.

11. And although he's admitted to having a sex addiction, he's always responsible.

12. When he did fall in love with Katy Perry, it was beyond adorable.

13. But now he's single again. HOORAY!

14. But let's get back to comedy. 1 Leicester Square, Russell Brand's Got Issues and Ponderland were hilariously funny.

15. As was the time Bob Geldof called him a "cunt" at the NME Awards.

Getty / Mark Holloway

16. And his description of George W. Bush at the 2008 MTV Music Video Awards.

Getty / Tom Pennington

17. He was on form that night.

18. And then there was Sachs-gate. Let's be honest, that was pretty funny too.

Getty / Claire Greenway

19. In fact, everything Russell Brand says is funny.

20. Except the things he says that are serious.

Getty / Mike Marsland

21. Which are actually surprisingly profound.

Getty / Mat Hayward

22. His speech about his mother's battle with breast cancer at the 2008 Pride of Britain Awards was incredibly moving.

Getty / Stuart Wilson

23. And his Guardian articles about Amy Winehouse and Maggie Thatcher were spot on.

24. He was good when he spoke about drugs in the House of Commons too.

25. He doesn't take himself too seriously.

26. He has the cutest bromances.

Getty / David M. Benett

27. OMG seriously, they are so so so cute.

28. And after all of his battles with drug and sex addictions, he still thinks the world is a wonderful place.

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29. Basically, Russell, you're the best.