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    26 Stories About Normal People Doing Incredibly Kind Things

    Prepare to have a little weep.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the kindest things they have ever done. Here are some of their most heart-warming responses…

    1. "In high school someone made a burn page on Facebook that said really nasty things about people. After I got harassed I decided to do something about it, so I made a Facebook page that complimented the people I went to school with. I've never told anyone it was me until now." — maral470093573

    2. "Nine years ago I found out that I had an older brother who my parents had given up for adoption when they were teenagers. I loved him from the moment I met him, and as soon as I learned that he and his partner would need a surrogate to have babies, I offered to help. Their daughters, my nieces, just turned eight." — Rachel Elliott Mulder, via Facebook

    3. "I work with a very sweet woman whose husband passed away after a long battle with cancer six years ago. Every year, for Christmas, he would get her a Mary Englebright daily calendar. The December after he passed, every day that she tore a page off the calendar made her sad because she knew she wouldn’t be getting another one. For the last six years, I have secretly got her the calendar and left it on her office chair with a note that says, '365 days a year, Jim is watching over you.'" — lorimcsorley

    4. "My best friend had moved to a town about an hour and a half away and I knew she was feeling pretty down about being far away from everybody. We kept in touch by having regular ‘wine dates’ over FaceTime, so one time I got her to commit to a lengthy FaceTime session and be ready at a certain time. I left work early, picked up wine and snacks, and made the trip over to her house so I could FaceTime her from her front door. It took her a while to figure it out but she was so happy when she realised." — charlyt2 / BuzzFeed

    — Adrian Wilson, via Facebook

    6. "I was chatting with my favourite Starbucks barista on Mother’s Day, when I discovered that her only daughter was in Israel. Furthermore, her daughter was going through some tough times, so wasn’t going to be able to call or send her anything. I left Starbucks, drove to the local grocery store, purchased a large bouquet of flowers, and put them in a nice vase. I then took them back to the Starbucks and gave them to her. Her utter surprise and wide smile were all the thanks I needed. Every mom deserves flowers on Mother’s Day." — flmngohs

    7. "One time I was walking home from university and I noticed a primary school bag at a bus stop. I nearly walked past it but remembered how furious my mum was with me when I left my bag in a shop as a kid. So I decided to find out whose it was. I found out the name of the school, called up and offered to bring it over. I walked just over three miles to get there. When I arrived, the teacher told me that the child who had lost it came from an underprivileged background and her parents would have struggled to replace the bag and its contents. I even received a thank you card in the post a few days later!" — bellerubyl

    8. "I work in a pharmacy and one morning when I was working it snowed. An old woman called up to say she had missed the delivery driver the previous day and didn’t manage to get her inhaler. She couldn’t get anyone to collect it and she was afraid to leave her house. We looked up where she lived and I bundled up her inhaler and walked it up to her house. The look on her face was priceless; she wasn’t expecting anyone to come with it." — michaelareid3

    9. "One winter, on my way home from evening drinks, I saw a little Yorkshire terrier shivering on the road. I picked her up and popped her inside my jacket to warm her up. The local police station and the vets were closed so I took her home. I made a basic bed for her and let her sleep. In the morning I took her to the vets. Turns out, the dog was chipped and her owner was just round the corner from me. They were so happy to be reunited." — stellermatt / BuzzFeed


    11. "Once when I was 19, my friends and I stopped into a Baskin Robbins for ice cream after dinner. We ate in, and after about 10 minutes, two 10-year-old boys came in. They stood side by side and peered into the freezers quietly discussing which flavors they’d choose if they had any money. Nobody should have to go without ice cream, so I bought them each a cone. Their faces just shone with delight." — biscuitqueen1

    12. "When I worked at Starbucks, I had to get a 6am train every morning and I always had the same smiling conductor. One day I gave her one of my free boxes of tea with a thank you note for always greeting me with a smile when I trudged to work. She was so overwhelmed that she wrote me a poem, framed it, and gave it to me a few days later." — Sara Weaver, via Facebook

    13. "When I was in elementary school we went on a trip to a camp in the mountains for a week. One boy was always getting picked on by a couple of other boys in our class. He really liked collecting ants and one day he was down by the river checking some out when the bullies came over and started picking on him again. I went over and pushed them into the water. That boy and I became boyfriend and girlfriend shortly after that." — terumarie

    14. "I was standing in line at a TK Maxx and there was a mom and her 7-year-old son in front of me. He kept asking if he could buy the toy he picked up in the store. She looked so sad when she had to tell him, 'We need to buy these towels for the house. I'm sorry I don't have the money for it.' A few minutes later when we were next to each other at the register and the cashier was going to put away the toy, I told his mom that I would like to pay for the towels and the toy. She started crying and hugged me, then the little kid hugged me, and I couldn't help but start crying myself." — Kimberly Manfre, via Facebook

    16. "I was driving home from work one day and the traffic was a nightmare. A few cars back from the obstruction, I realised that it was an elderly woman struggling to get her zimmer frame up the curb who was holding everyone up. Everyone was beeping which made it even more difficult for her to get onto the path. I parked up, got out of my car, walked over to the woman (who was practically shaking with fear and anxiety), and lifted her zimmer frame onto the path. I then walked the woman up her garden path and to her door. I could tell by the look in her eyes that such a small thing meant so much to her." — jaded451996c4a

    17. "A year ago, my boyfriend decided to go back to school to finish his degree. He was working full-time whilst also holding down an internship and taking classes. He didn't have time to make healthy meals at home, so he ended up eating take-out a lot (which was too expensive for his tight budget). I went to visit him for a weekend and while he was at work I put together a bunch of crock pot meals for his freezer, so now all he has to do is defrost them. I made ten meals with about 6-8 servings each, so that should help him out for a while!" — katiep4e56d567e

    18. "While I was visiting Multnomah Falls in Oregon with my family, I noticed a man proposing to his girlfriend. There didn’t seem to be anyone they knew around so I made sure to take some quick photographs (from a slight distance) and waited to approach them until they got several hugs and kisses in. When the time was right, I asked them if I could have their phone number and texted them several pictures that turned out quite adorable! They seemed really grateful that they had pictures of the moment." — rosn0303

    19. "I took a mentally handicapped boy to his senior prom in a neighboring county. I knew his family and when his parents called saying his original date cancelled at the last minute out of embarrassment and nobody else was accepting the invite, I said yes immediately. Everyone deserves to have a great prom experience, and he had one of the best: He danced ALL night long (I couldn’t keep up with him!) and the smile on his face during his Senior Walk would melt even the coldest heart." — lornejangle / BuzzFeed

    21. "I had to interview several people who had lived in Japanese internment camps during WWII for my senior year thesis. One man decided to come to my campus and do the interview in person since he hadn’t been to the college in decades. We met for lunch and he told me about how he met his wife at college and fell madly in love. Unfortunately, she passed away from cancer a few years ago. He told me that one of his favorite things to do with his wife was go to the ballet and opera together, and asked if I had ever been. I said no, so he asked if I would be interested in going with him sometime. A couple of weeks later we met for lunch, then went to the ballet. He was SO happy. You could tell he hadn’t been out with anyone in a really long time." — lmaudish

    22. "In high school, I had a long-term band substitute teacher who was fresh out of college. He wasn’t as experienced at leading the concert band as our other teachers and he was a little awkward. The other students were so disrespectful and I felt so bad for him. He was doing a great job! One day, after he had a particularly rough class period, I went to his office. I told him that I could tell he was having a tough day, but he was doing a great job and that I was glad he was at our school. He got tears in his eyes and didn’t know what to say." — raeannap

    23. "A friend of mine worked at a daycare center, and one night a 4-year-old girl was taken into custody for being physically and sexually abused. My friend called me and asked me if I had any old clothes from my own 5-year-old that I could give them to pass on to her. I went through everything I had but it was either too small or covered in old stains. I told her I'd help her regardless, so I went to Walmart and bought the little girl $80 worth of new clothes and a fairy princess crown because every little girl needs to feel like a princess." — Sarah Henry, via Facebook / BuzzFeed

    25. "One winter I went to the gas station in my lunch hour because one of my tyres had a slow leak that got worse when it was really cold. There was an elderly man at the air pump struggling with the hose, so I helped him get it untangled. We got to talking and I offered to check and air up his tyres for him. While I was filling them up, an old lady walked up and asked whether she could watch how it’s done. Turns out: Her husband, who had recently passed away, had always taken care of the cars, so she was at a bit of a loss on how to air up her obviously low tyre. I finished up the man’s tyres, then checked and aired up the lady's, narrating how to do it. I was late getting back to work by the time I finally aired up my tire too, and my gloves and my feet were soaked, but it was worth it." — jeaniy02

    26. "My father left my family for another woman when I was nine. For the next ten years, my mom was a single parent. When she finally met Mr. Right and they got engaged I threw her a surprise engagement party. She is a beautiful and strong woman and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate her and her new love. She deserves that and more." — dyocopis

    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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