24 Amazing Big Brother Couples

Who’ve basically all broken up.

1. Jay and Louise, BB12

They married one year after meeting on BB12 and are still (fingers crossed) together.

2. Dale and Jen, BB9

Dale and Jen broke up… before their series ended.

3. Helen and Paul, BB2

After a five year relationship, Helen and Paul broke up in 2006.

4. Chantelle and Preston, CBB4

When they met, Preston had a girlfriend. But they broke up. Then he married Chantelle. They divorced one year later. Then it kind of seemed like they were going to get back together on Ultimate Big Brother. But they didn’t.

5. Rex and Nicole, BB9

These guys were a couple before entering the house. But when the show ended, they broke up. They blame BB.

6. Ziggy and Chanelle, BB8

Ziggy broke up with Chanelle live on air with the line, “It’s not you, it’s me.” What. A. Man.

7. Kate and Spencer, BB3

Yeah, so they broke up after the show ended. But appaz they’re still friends.

8. Nikki and Pete, BB7

THE BEST HOUSEMATES EVER. But they broke up once the show ended.

9. Grace and Mikey, BB7

They’ve been together six years and have a daughter called Georgiana. All together, now: awwww.

10. Imogen and Sezer

Um, by the time Imogen left the house, Sezer was facing rape allegations. Needless to say, the relationship ended.

11. Kenneth and Karly, BB10

This was confusing because Karly was lovely and Kenneth was a dick. They entered the house a couple but broke up afterwards.

12. Stuart and Michelle, BB5

They lasted a year. But then it ended.

13. Saskia and Maxwell, BB6

They made it two years. That’s it.

14. Jade and PJ, BB3

Um, so this lasted like a day.

15. Antony and Makosi, BB6

She said they had sex in the jacuzzi. He said they didn’t. Needless to say, they’re no longer together.

16. Lee and Sophie, BB3

They married, had a son called Maxwell and then broke up. :(

17. Luke and Rebecca, BB9

Yeah, this was never going to work.

18. Mario and Lisa, BB9

They were the first couple to enter the Big Brother house together, and Mario proposed to Lisa live on the show. But now they’ve separated.

19. Ashleigh and Luke, BB9

Two months. That’s how long this lasted.

20. Brian and Amanda, BB8

Brian and 0.5x Samanda didn’t work out. Possibly because they had three braincells between them.

21. Sophie and Kris, BB10

Sophie and Kris broke up before their series ended.

22. Josie and John James, BB11

Josie and John James lasted about a week outside of the house. But now she’s skinny, so power to her.

23. Noirin and Siavash, BB10

This lasted about five minutes.

24. Aaron and Faye, BB12

Yeah this ended too.

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