23 Incredible Hipster Beards

Mmmmm facial hair.

1. The Amish beard.

2. The monkey tail.

4. The spiral beard.

5. The Superman beard.

6. The bat-stache.

7. The longest beard in the world.

8. The electric shock beard.

11. The even more practical beard.

12. The bushiest beard that has ever been.

13. The Dali-inspired beard.

14. The wannabe Nietzsche beard.

15. The curly wurly beard.

16. The Spiderman beard.

17. The Spiderman goatee.

18. The coat hanger beard.

19. The woven beard.

20. The Pippi Longstocking beard.

21. OMG the creepiest beard in the whole world ever.

22. The wispy sailor beard.

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