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    22 Wonderful Gifts That Lidl Has Given The World

    An ode to the champions of cheap eating.

    Lidl, you're the best.

    1. Thank you for your wide shopping aisles.

    2. And your very cheap food.

    Like those 72 Weetabix that only cost £4.18. That's less than 6p per Weetabix.

    3. Thank you for dressing your staff so beautifully.

    Coffee Lover / Via Flickr: lovecoffee

    4. For decorating this very small car so tastefully.

    5. And for making this very large bus so festive.

    6. You haven't quite grasped the concept of a discount.

    7. And sometimes you get it entirely wrong.

    8. But that's OK. You're forgiven because you sell "Angry Birds" Jenga.

    9. And branded yellow ponchos.

    10. And something called a "pipe installation kit".

    11. In fact, Lidl, you sell pretty much everything. We'd always come to you for fake birds.

    12. And Men's Business Shoes.

    13. And scientific microscopes.

    14. If we started a band, we'd buy our guitars from you.

    15. And there's nowhere else we'd go for our trumpets.

    16. Jedward really like you.

    17. And this woman likes you so much that she made a dress out of your carrier bags.

    18. Maybe it's because your recruitment posters centre around visual food-based puns.

    19. Or because you held a cheeky Burns Night celebration in January.

    20. Which involved selling kilt hose for £2.92.

    21. You make it a quite difficult to get out of your stores.

    But don't worry, Lidl. We would never leave you.

    22. Lidl, we're on our way.