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18 Things That Happened In Celeb World This Week

Britney's been on a London bus, Frankie Sandford's had a baby and Matt Cardle considered becoming a male escort.

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1. Frankie Sandford's had a baby!

His name is Parker and he weighed 7lb 13oz at birth. "Lock up your daughters Parker Bridge has arrived," tweeted fellow bandmate Rochelle. AWH.

2. David and Victoria are rowing because he resents her success.

Now that he's retired and she's increasingly busy with work, there's a sudden strain on the Beckham relationship."She's concerned that if she focuses her energies on work, he'll feel neglected," a source told Closer.

3. Matt Cardle was nearly a male escort.

Getty / Andreas Rentz

Before he entered the X Factor, Matt signed up to an escort agency. "I was going out with a stripper... I was broke," he told Reveal. But when his first client was a no-show, he gave up.

4. Jennifer Ellison is in no rush to lose her baby weight.

She gave birth to son Harry just three months ago, and is currently a size 12. But that hasn't stopped Internet trolls telling her she needs to lose weight. Luckily Jennifer hasn't been too affected. "She's in a great place mentally and doesn't want to become miserable counting calories and weighing herself," a source told Closer.


6. Harry Styles has a major crush on Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

And although she's dating Jason Statham, Rosie has admitted that she thinks the 1D boys are "so sweet". Now, we know Harry likes an older woman...

8. TOWIE's Lydia denies being in a relationship with MIC's Jamie Laing.

OMG IMAGINE IF THIS WERE TRUE. The pair have been spotted flirting, and their close friends think there may be something going on. Fingers crossed.


11. Vanessa Feltz would like to breastfeed her own grandchildren.

Getty / Ian Gavan

EEEEEEW. "If pure love is what makes the milk come in, I can't believe I won't have enough adoration for my first grandchild to bring about a biological miracle," she wrote in her Closer column. EEEEEEW.

12. Lewis Hamilton stayed at Nicole Scherzinger's hotel until 3am one night last week.

They broke up in July, but the pair are still meeting regularly. "Nicole's confidence has been knocked this year," a close friend told Star, but meeting up with Lewis made her feel alive again." Could a reunion be back on the cards?


13. Jason Bell is the father of Nadine's child.

And she claims it was never a secret. "I think we just forgot to tell everyone we were back together," she told Reveal. "It was only when I said I was pregnant that I thought: 'Why is everyone wondering whose it is?' Then I remembered: 'Oh yes, we said we'd split up way back when.' I just presumed people knew."

14. Kym Marsh and Jamie Lomas are over.

Getty / Ian Gavan

The couple, who have been married for 13 months, are planning a divorce - and their friends reckon Kym's alleged affair with Coronation Street co-star Oliver Mellor prompted it. "Deep down, they know they'll be better parents and may even stay friends if they admit it's over," a friend told Star.

15. Alex Reid turned Katie Price's bedroom into a "sex dungeon".

In an extract from her new autobiography, Love, Lipstick and Lies Katie revealed, "He turned my bedroom into a sex dungeon with porn playing and sex toys everywhere." Riiiight.


Sources: Reveal, Star, Closer.