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    18 Things Celebrities Did This Week

    James Arthur is bitching about Rita Ora, Lily Allen's back, and Tulisa's reaping the rewards of her sex tape.

    1. 1D's Niall just wants to spend time with his family.

    He went back to Ireland after four months on tour, only to have fans bombard his nephew's christening. "Haven't seen my family in 4 months!" he tweeted. "Would be soo grateful if I could spend some quality time with them! Appreciate your respect!" Bless.

    2. Rita Ora's mad at James Arthur.

    Getty / Ian Gavan
    Getty / Stuart C. Wilson

    The former X Factor star rapped, "I'm giving 10 million fucks less than Rita does and that's a lot of fucks," on BBC Radio 1Xtra, in reference to their brief relationship earlier this year. Unsurprisingly, Rita's not happy. "He's clearly trying to bring her down and ruin her reputation," a friend told Star. "She's hurt and very angry."

    3. Kate Moss did a Playboy shoot.

    Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott / Via

    It was in honour of the magazine's 60th anniversary and OH MY GOD she looks amazing.

    4. And she might become a mentor on The Face.

    Kate's close friend Naomi Campbell has asked her to get involved with the modelling show, and Kate's pretty tempted. "I asked Kate to do The Face," Naomi said. "I have faith!" Best. News. Ever.

    5. Big Brother's Josie Gibson revealed that her weight gain left her feeling suicidal.

    Getty / Gareth Cattermole
    Getty / Ben A. Pruchnie

    But thankfully she's feeling happier now. "All the abuse I received was wrong, but I'm a fighter," she explained on Got Thin - Got Fat Again!, the Channel 5 documentary. "Even though I had suicidal thoughts, I thought, 'No, I'm not going to let them win.'"

    6. Lily Allen's back.

    The single's called "Hard Out There," and everyone's got something to say about it. WELCOME BACK, LILY.

    7. TOWIE's Lucy and Mario are ready to give their relationship a second chance.

    Getty / Ben Pruchnie
    Getty / Jorge Herrera

    After he admitted he still has feelings her her on TOWIE, Lucy has decided to take her ex-boyfriend back. "Lucy is a bit wary because of their history, but she loves Mario and wants to be with him," a source told Closer. "They are planning to go on holiday so they can make a fresh start." FINGERS CROSSED.

    8. McBusted is an actual thing that is actually happening.

    Getty Images

    AHHHHHH SO EXCITING. (Boo Charlie Simpson, for not joining in).

    9. David Beckham might become a Lord (which would make VB a Lady).

    David's been nominated for a knighthood in the New Year Honours List, which would make him a Lord. "Victoria really wants this knighthood for David," a source told Closer. "She feels they've worked so hard over the years, it really would be the icing on the cake."

    10. Cara Delevingne and Taylor Swift are now best friends.


    The pair met at last week's Victoria's Secret fashion show and OMG this is the best friendship of all time ever.

    11. Peaches Geldof took down Katie Hopkins on This Morning.


    They were discussing attachment parenting and Peaches just basically won. YAAAY.

    12. X Factor's Luke Friend made a pass at MIC's Lucy Watson.

    Getty / Ian Gavan
    Getty / Ben A. Pruchnie

    But unfortunately he's a bit young for her. "Can Luke Friend just be a bit older #XFactor" she tweeted.

    13. Remember Tulisa's sex tape? She made £42,500 from that.

    TNT was forced to pay her £42,500 in compensation after it posted her sex tape with ex-boyfriend Justin Edwards online. KERCHING.

    14. The X Factor has snubbed Matt Cardle, Shayne Ward, Steve Brookstein and Leon Jackson.

    Getty / Ben A. Pruchnie
    Getty / Danny Martindale
    Getty / Gareth Cattermole

    Despite all having won the show, contestants won't be allowed to cover Matt Cardle, Shayne Ward, Steve Brookstein or Leon Jackson's songs in the 10th anniversary episode. Instead, they'll be encouraged to belt out tunes by Alexandra Burke, Leona Lewis and 1D. Ouch.

    15. Adele turned down a £12m L'Oreal deal.

    Even though she was supposed to be replacing Cheryl Cole. But, why?

    16. Zayn and Perrie's wedding won't be happening until 2015.

    Getty / Michael Buckner
    Getty / Keith Tsuji

    "They're still madly in love and the wedding will happen," a source told Heat. But the pair's jam-packed schedules means the big day keeps being pushed back.

    17. Pro Green and MIC's Millie are fighting about his partying.

    Getty / Mark Robert Milan

    The couple are rowing after he was arrested on suspicion of drink-driving last week. "[Millie]'s so angry," a friend told Heat. "This is not good for their image; the power couple thing she was trying to create hinges on people liking them, and being arrested isn't going to make people like him." Ouch.

    18. Jimmy Carr wants to be a BGT judge.

    "God, I would love it," he told Heat. "I think it's one of the best jobs in TV." Watch out, Walliams.

    Sources: Closer, Star and Heat.

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