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    Posted on Sep 24, 2015

    18 Struggles Everyone With A Cat's Name Has To Go Through

    This is for all the Tabathas, Caspers, Felixs, and Mollys out there.

    1. When you tell people your name they often say, "Oh, that was my childhood cat's name."

    2. Or, "Ohhhhh, that's my grandma's cat's name."

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    3. Or they might just be rude and say, "This is a cat's name."


    They're not lying. But they are being rude.

    4. And sometimes, just after you tell a new person your name, they'll go, "Oh! I used to have a friend with your name. It's lovely!", and you will just say, "Was your friend a cat?"


    But no one refers to their cat as their friend, so they will think you're weird.

    5. In fact, you get so used to people telling you your name is a cat's name that you've started introducing yourself as, "Hi, I'm Tabatha. It's a cat's name."


    6. Because you have a cat's name, people often assume you really like cats.

    7. So whenever they see a little cat-themed trinket, they'll buy it for you.

    8. And every single office Secret Santa present you ever receive will be somehow related to cats.

    9. Because it's rude to tell people you don't like the gifts they get you, people start assuming you LOVE cats because you loved the gifts they got you.

    10. So they just keep buying them. And the more you thank them, the more cat gifts they'll buy.

    11. Which is fine, if you like cats. But if you don't, it's really awkward.

    12. One day, you might pluck up the courage to tell your peers that you're not really into cats.

    But you'll just end up hurting their feelings, when they realise that you didn't like the cat mug they got you for your last birthday.

    13. A shockingly high number of the Christmas cards you receive have cats on them.

    14. Another problem is that cat's names on people sound quite posh.

    If you're called Felix or Tabatha, everyone will assume you're very posh. But this is not necessarily true. You are just a person with a cat's name.

    15. If you ever do meet a cat with your name, you go a bit overboard.

    16. And if you ever meet another person with a cat's name, you get over-the-top excited.

    17. But if you meet another person with your cat name, you'll talk about the fact that you share your name with a lot of cats.

    18. But hey, you'd rather have a cat's name than a dog's name.

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