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16 Things Celebrities Did This Week

Harry Styles <3s Kendall Jenner, Justin Bieber <3s Lauren Pope and Spencer Matthews <3s splashing cash.

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3. Geordie Shore's Holly admitted she's addicted to surgery.

She's only 21, and she's already had two boob jobs and a boob lift. But Holly is planning on getting bum implants, a thigh gap and full body lipo this year. Eek.

4. Calvin Harris is worried Rita Ora's working too hard.

She collapsed after a photo shoot last week, and naturally her boyfriend's worried. "Calvin loves how ambitious she is but he thinks they both need a holiday where all they do is lie on the beach," a source told Look.


5. Cher Lloyd got married.

She married Craig Monk, her hairdresser, and Cheryl Cole tweeted her saying, "Wow!! Heard your good news. Congratulations @CherLloyd I hope you have many more happy years and memories to come. Cheryl x". AWWWH.

6. Justin Bieber and Lauren Pope are flirting.

Despite their 12 year age gap, Justin invited Lauren to a party at his house in L.A. and the pair spent the whole night flirting. "They were together all evening and seemed to only have eyes for each other," a source told Reveal. Most unlikely celeb pairing ever?

7. Cara Delevingne and Rihanna are launching a dating club.

Single ladies will be offered the services of £155,000 matchmaker, who will set them up with hand-picked bachelors. "Their exclusive club will be formed of single friends looking for love and they'll arrange a string of girls-only trips," a source told Now.


9. The royal family are trying to turn Cressie into Kate.

And Harry's not happy. "Cressida's style doesn't sit well with the Palace old guards, who fear she'll lower the tone of the monarchy with her quirky dress sense," an insider told Now. "[Harry is] furious and has made it clear he's not going to ask her to change for anyone."

12. Michelle Keegan and Mark Wright are already talking about babies.

Getty / Keith Hewitt

They're not married yet, but the couple are feeling broody. "Without a doubt, Michelle is the broodiest," a friend told Reveal.


14. Helen Flanagan's worried about work.

Getty / Fred Duval

She had hoped to break into Hollywood after last year's I'm A Celebrity..., but instead she'd been offered nothing more than a judging position on Bolton This Is Talent. Awh, Helen :(

15. Simon's returning to The X Factor with Rita Ora and Cheryl Cole.

"Rita is at the top of his list with Cheryl," an insider told Reveal. "He has offered it to her before but she didn't think the time was right. Now the ball is very much in her court." Eek.

Sources: Now, Look and Reveal.