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    15 Excellent Reasons To Break Up With Someone

    If only all break ups made us laugh this much. Via The Why We Broke Up Project.

    1. The misplaced affections breakup.

    2. The sense of humor failure breakup.

    3. The messy confectionery break up.

    4. The muddled priorities breakup.

    5. The missing IQ points break up.

    6. The job snob breakup.

    7. The poor camerawork breakup.

    8. The musically untalented breakup.

    9. The really creepy incest breakup.

    10. The children's games breakup.

    11. The mismatched interests break up.

    12. The poor hygiene breakup.

    13. The condiment container breakup.

    14. The sartorial breakup.

    15. The best reason ever to breakup.