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    15 Breathtaking Sculptures You Won't Believe Are Made Of Sand

    These are incredible.

    1. This is Susanne Ruseler, an astonishingly talented sand sculptor from the Netherlands.

    2. She studied Biology but really her talent is sculpting. She can turn sand into leopards.

    3. And bushbabies.

    4. And wild boars.

    5. But she can make people too. This is Thumbelina.

    6. Here are Tarzan and Jane.

    7. And here's WillKat with baby George.

    8. She's also incredibly good at making places. Like Egypt.

    9. And Zuid Holland.

    10. And here's her depiction of the Dead Sea.

    11. But Susanne's real forté is creating scenes from history and mythology. Here's the Nativity scene.

    12. Look at baby Jesus!

    13. This one's based on "The Adoration of the Shepherds" by Francesco di Giorgio Martini.

    14. And this is Pinocchio at the circus.

    15. And this is a reindeer with a teeny, tiny calf. Aww.