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    Posted on Apr 22, 2013

    14 Mary-Kate And Ashley Films Summed Up In A Sentence Each

    From To Grandmother's House We Go to New York Minute, the Olsen twins have kept us entertained for years. Herewith, the shortest plot summaries you'll ever read:


    Jane and Roxy go to New York to chase college scholarships and record deals respectively.


    Estranged twins Shane and Lizzie are forced to get on when they enter the same TV quiz show.


    Leila and Charli get fired and hired repeatedly from their summer internship in Rome.


    Taylor and Kylie head to the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City on a parent-free road trip.


    Madison and Alex help out a guy smuggling stolen artifacts on their winter break in the Bahamas.


    Chloe and Riley fly to London to compete in a Model United Nations challenge.


    Maddie and Abby witness a robbery, get placed in the FBI's Witness Protection Program and have to travel around the US because they keep telling people about it.


    Melanie and Allyson spend Spring Break in Paris with their grandfather, the U.S. Ambassador to France.


    Sam and Emma switch places in soccer matches and teach their dad that winning isn't everything.


    Emily and Tess find their dad a girlfriend by advertising him on a billboard.


    Like Parent Trap, but worse.


    Jessica and Suzy help out their godmother on a dude ranch.


    Kelly and Lynn have to break a spell to free their great aunt from the curse of her evil twin sister.


    Sarah and Julia encounter a bunch of villains on their way to their great grandmother's house for Christmas.