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11 Secret Off-Menu Items You Should Order In London

Imagine if you ordered off-menu in front of someone you wanted to impress. THEY WOULD BE VERY IMPRESSED.

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1. Joe Allen's cheeseburger.

They've been serving up mouth-watering cheeseburgers since their opening in 1977, but only for those who specifically ask. FYI, they come with stupendous quantities of cheese.

Price: £9.50

Closest tube: Covent Garden.

3. The Diner's tortilla dog.

Inspired by those served at Pink's in L.A., it's kind of a cross between a hot dog and a burrito. And it's incredible.

Price: £7.

Closest tubes: Camden Town, Highbury & Islington, Shoreditch High Street, Tottenham Court Road, Temple, Oxford Circus and Gloucester Road.


7. Hush's fillet steak burger with truffle mayonnaise.

Served only in their St Paul's branch, this burger combines fillet steak, red onions and truffle mayonnaise in a brioche bun. And it comes with chips tossed in parmesan and truffle oil. YUM.

Price: £15.95.

Closest tube: St Paul's.