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    23 Invaluable Lessons Music Taught Every '00s Teen

    "You only have to answer to yourself."

    1. Pushing the button lets people know.

    2. When shaking it, you should do it like a polaroid picture.

    3. Birds do not know where their souls or homes are.

    4. When you're in love, no matter what you do, you're thinking about him.

    5. Holding on really hurts.

    6. You don't need to answer anyone but yourself.

    7. The remix to ignition comes hot and fresh out the kitchen.

    8. People hide dark secrets.

    9. You can be in love in spite of what people say.

    10. American boys have cool lines.

    11. Individuals can make you whole.

    12. Love is hard to find.

    13. Big girls are beautiful.

    14. Sex is flammable.

    15. Dancing makes everything OK.

    16. Pain can be kissed away.

    17. Hips don't lie.

    18. You're beautiful.

    19. But you're also a teenage dirtbag.

    20. Laying here, just laying here will allow you to forget the world.

    21. Girls kissing isn't a big deal.

    22. The kitchen floor is a good place to la-la.

    23. But most importantly, it wasn't Shaggy.

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