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23 '00s Reality Shows Every Teenager Was Obsessed With

It was the greatest era of reality TV.

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1. Laguna Beach (2004–2006)


Laguna Beach was the first in a long line of scripted reality TV that documented the lives of Lauren Conrad's friends. It was set in a high school and it made every '00s girl long for a more glamorous life.

2. The Osbournes (2002–2005)


Let's face it: It was probably inappropriate to watch Ozzy Osbourne swear that much, but we loved The Osbournes anyway. It was the original fly-on-the-wall show our parents didn't understand and every '00s girl wanted to be as edgy as Kelly.

3. Shipwrecked (2000–2012)

Channel 4

Watching Shipwrecked right after The O.C. on T4 on a Sunday afternoon was a '00s girl rite of passage. We were ~kind of~ interested in the social experiment aspect of the show, and we strongly identified as either Shark or Tiger (obviously Tiger), but mostly we were there for when the islanders snogged.


4. Beauty and the Geek (2005–2008)


In hindsight, Beauty and the Geek was a lil' problematic. But it was also very compelling and, let's be honest, it was kinda cute when the nerds got makeovers and suddenly became hot.

5. Big Brother (2000–)

Channel 4

I know it still runs on Channel 5, but I maintain that no reality TV show will ever beat early-to-mid-'00s Big Brother. Watching a series beginning-to-end was a huge time commitment that took over the entire summer, but it was worth it for lines like "Who ISSSSS she???"

6. The Ashlee Simpson Show (2003–2005)


We liked her because she was achievably edgy. The Ashlee Simpson Show made us want to write songs about our feelings and get a choppy haircut, even though we knew we'd never be allowed one.

7. Popstars (2001)


The show that created Hear'Say! Our dads grumbled that manufactured pop bands were naff, but we were all very emotionally invested (side note: Popstars by Hear'Say was the first album I ever bought).

8. Made (2002–2014)


The BEST show of all time, no exaggeration. Misfit teens applied to be transformed, or "made", into someone they'd always wanted to be (for example, prom queen). They then got a coach and turned their whole goddamn lives around. Literally so inspirational.


10. Brat Camp (2005–2007)

Channel 4

It was a show about troubled kids being sent to a correctional facility in the US where they learned the true value of their parents through ~tough love~ and physical labour. In the end, everyone turned their lives around and hugged their mums.

11. Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica (2003–2005)


We were all insanely jealous of Jessica Simpson in Newlyweds. She had the dream house, a gorgeous husband, and a recording contract. Also one time she got tuna and chicken mixed up.

12. Pimp My Ride (2003–2007)


Xzibit (or Tim Westwood on the UK version) gave run-down cars makeovers. But the best thing was the very tenuous design choices that were made. For example, if you were a basketball player, you'd probably end up with a basketball hoop in your boot. Sure, I guess.


14. Fame Academy (2002–2003)


OK, I will never understand why Fame Academy only ran for two seasons because it combined Popstars and Big Brother and also sometimes the singers hooked up. I'm just saying it was the most underrated show of the entire decade.

15. The Simple Life (2003–2007)


This show was another in the genre ~Hot Women Pretend To Be Dumber Than They Are~. But my god we were into it. Paris asking Nicole whether Walmart sells "wall stuff" will forever remain iconic.

17. My Super Sweet 16 (2005–2008)


Obviously MTV reality shows were the backbone of the '00s, but My Super Sweet Sixteen was the best of all. We mostly watched it out of jealously, but also in preparation for our own 16th birthday parties in case we ever won the lottery.

18. Project Runway (2004–)


The best episodes were the ones where one contestant offered to help another hem a skirt or something, but secretly sabotaged them and ruined the entire outfit. So much drama.


19. Room Raiders (2004–2006)


It was super weird when they got out the UV light and checked everyone's bed sheets, but let's gloss over that. Every '00s girl kept her room tidy just in case she ever got kidnapped for Room Raiders in the middle of the night.

20. Paris Hilton's My New BFF (2008–2011)


This was the perfect formula for a '00s reality show: Paris Hilton! A series of challenges! Fame-hungry contestants living with each other! TTYN.

21. Britain's Next Top Model (2005–)

Sky Living

I mean, this entire show was great but the best episode of every series was the makeover one. Every year, without fail, they shaved the head of one woman — usually the one with the best hair. No one ever understood why.

22. Becoming (2001–2003)


Imagine Made but instead of trying to become the best versions of themselves, these teenagers tried to become their favourite celebrities. So creepy, but so good.

23. Cribs (2000–2011)


How could a list of '00s reality shows not mention Cribs? It was amazing, even when you didn't know the celebrities showing you round their houses. "This is where the magic happens" = an iconic statement.

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