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Dec 2017
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    t47993fd3d commented on What's The Most Awkward Interaction You've Ever Had With A Celebrity?

    I went with a friend to a motorcycle festival to meet the Sons of Anarchy cast. When it was my turn to stand with them all and take a picture I began shaking uncontrollably....Kim Coates stopped to ask if I was going to be ok because I was shaking so hard in the photo. Later, when… 

    1 year ago

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    t47993fd3d commented on Share Your Worst Bikini Wax Horror Story Of All Time

    I had gotten a giftcard to a spa one year from my co-workers and figured I'd get a much needed wax and treat myself to a massage afterwards. Due to poor rime management on my part, I decided plan this adventure a couple of hours before I had to try dresses on for my brothers wedding,… 

    2 years ago

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