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Lavatory Self-Portraits In The Flemish Style

Because what else are you going to do with a camera phone and toilet seat covers in a bathroom on that long-haul flight?

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On a domestic flight in 2010, artist and photographer Nina Katchadourian impulsively put a tissue paper toilet seat cover on her head in the plane lavatory and snapped a picture. Your first thought may not have been, "Wow, this is totally like 15th-century Flemish style portraiture paintings!" but that was where she went with it.

The artist used her next plane trip from San Francisco to Auckland to snap a series of pics in her bathroom studio during the 14-hour flight. The results are pretty fantastic: a very serious Katchadourian poised with elaborately folded toilet seat covers on her head with black and red scarves used as backdrops. Click on the links below to learn more about this project and scroll down for more lavatory headdress awesomeness.

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