5 Things Europeans Do Not Understand In America

So you guys think your country is pretty much ordinary? Believe me, it’s not.

5. Commuting

So, you guys built skyscrapers in downtown and ticky-tacky houses in the suburbs just to drive 20 miles one way to your office every day, in horrible traffic. Would it kill you to live near your work near (like walkable) like we do?

4. Safety priorities

Your lawmakers found Kinder Surprise (pictured above) as extremely dangerous item and made it illegal to sell in the United States. Meanwhile, they find guns and other serious weapons (pictured below) as totally acceptable.

[please note:
this is not a political statement; I just find banning Kinder Surprise as silly]

3. Sports

You play sports we do not understand (rugby) and do not know (NASCAR) but that’s unimportant. The important thing is how can you call this game showed above football if you play it with your hands? I mean, FOOTball? And what is even worse, you refer to the real football as soccer.

2. Healthcare

Okay, we are tolerant and we can understand some of you have constitutional doubts about universal healthcare. But it becomes kinda hypocritical when your own government provides universal healthcare for Iraqis and Afghanis and not their own nation.

1. Politics

And the ultimate one: how come you have only two parties to vote for? Who do I vote if I am socially liberal and fiscally conservative? Or the opposite? How does it work?

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