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Why It's OK To Be Upset About Someone You Didn't "Officially" Date

There was a spark...a little sumthin' sumthin'... Something great was going to happen. And then BAM. Just like that, it was over like it never existed in the first place.

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It seemed like you both liked each other.

There was a lot of flirting going on.

You guys would text cute, flirty messages.

This is how you describe the person to your friends.

You guys would "hang out" and do fun, friend stuff.

...but you hadn't had "the talk" yet.

There was no definition of what you guys were. Just friends? Cuddle Buddies? Hookups-who-like-to-hang? Chill-buds? Almost-a-couple? Friends-with-benefits-minus-the-agreement?!?!?!


...but things were good for the time being.

So good in fact that you didn't want to risk anything by having "the talk."

So you ignored the painstaking urge to demand a definition of your relationship.

And decided to just be cool.

But then after a while, something changed.

They began to do the "fade away" and slowly stepped away from their normal pattern of communication.

You KNEW what they're doing.

But you couldn't control it!

And eventually... it ended.

Your reaction to the whole thing might've been similar to this.

People reacted like this when they hear about your situation.

But even though you guys weren't "officially" a couple...

It's OK to want to do this.

And to feel like this.

And want to do this to people who say, "But you weren't even dating."

You can just blame these.

This will probably help for a while.

Eventually though, you'll feel better.

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