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Fears And Hopes

Top Ten fears and hopes of Dutch culture

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1. Good Weather

The Dutch always are seeking good weather beyond the gloomy skies. Since I have gotten here, the skies have been mostly gloomy, but when the weather does improve, the entire town is out and about laying on the grass and smiling much more! I can definitively say that seeing the sun impacts the Dutch much more than Americans!

Here is an example of the impact weather has their sentiment towards a national holiday -

2. A Small Footprint

Everything about public infrastructure here revolves around efficiency and a small carbon footprint. That is why almost everywhere in Maastricht owns a bike. Driving a car is only used when one NEEDS too and can't do their desired task without one. Many towns have even banned diesel engine automobiles.

3. Fear of a bad soccer team

As with most countries in Europe - The Netherlands prides themselves on the strength of their soccer team. And because they may not qualify for the world cup in 2018, they have every right to be fearful.

4. Intolerance.

The dutch are historically a very inclusive society whether it was in the past as they welcomed protestant and jewish refugees hundreds of years ago, or in present day as they are on of the leading countries in Europe for LGBT rights. They are very hopeful that their society will continue to be more and more tolerant as they progress into the 21st century.

5. Outside experience

From what I have experienced, the young adults of the netherlands all hope the travel outside of the country. Whether it is before or after uni, many students want to go to south america, northern africa, or eastern europe to explore what life is like outside of the netherlands. In fact, it is a requirement at the university of Maasstricht to do an exchange semester.

6. Efficiency

As I mentioned earlier, the Dutch love their bikes. So much so that once they start riding they never want to stop. There is a hope that by making infrastructure for biking good enough, they will stop using fossil fuels as much as other countries. Here is a new stop light for bikes that proves this point.

7. Healthcare

Unlike the U.S. the dutch pride themselves on the hope that their healthcare system is the most efficient and useful as it can be. From my experience when I had to go to a doctor they were extremely efficient with my time and had me go to a specialist right away from me listing my symptoms before hand rather than seeing a GP before hand.

8. Celebration

The dutch love to celebrate, whether its for Kingsday, large christmas markets, or any other national holiday they have like Carnival, the dutch are always looking forward to a good time. Here is a video of Kingsday from 2014

9. Political Divide

From what I have gathered during my time here - the dutch are very fearful that the southern and northern parts of the country and continually becoming more and more politically divided. As the south is calling for a halt of refugees, the north is insuring that the dutch continue their history of a progressive society.

10. Beer

As a whole, the dutch culture can always hope for an enjoying time sitting outside of a cafe sipping on a beautiful blonde beer. Beer is used as a social drink both in a party and relaxing setting here in the netherlands.

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