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    5 Dental Myths That Will Shock You

    5 dental myths that you thought were genuine but are completely fairy tales once created by old folk. Visit us at Synergy Dental Clinics for more dental myth busting.

    The old folk lacked the scientific knowledge and breakthroughs that have recently been discovered and there myths are still present today going strong.

    Myth number 1 – Teeth Whitening removes your enamel!

    We have all heard about this myth that Teeth whitening removes the top layer of enamel to make the teeth whiter. Teeth whitening contains either Carbamide Peroxide or Hydrogen Peroxide which is the key active ingredient that reacts with oxygen getting into the enamel, resulting in few shades lighter. It can't make your teeth solid white, with over use, your teeth will become translucent but your enamel is not damaged at all.

    Myth Number 2 – Your teeth fall out when you become old!

    Most of us have grandparents who wear some sort of acrylic denture which is associated with the image of a set of dentures in a glass of water, next to a bed. The usual story as told by the old folk is that their teeth became loose after years and eventually dropped out or had to be extracted. What really happened is that they had gum disease, which creates deep pockets in the gums around the tooth where bacteria happily reside chewing away on the bone that supports the tooth root. Eventually these bacteria will eat enough bone away making the tooth loose to the point where there is not enough bone support to save the tooth. If you take care of your gums by cleaning them twice a day, by both flossing and brushing at a slight angle into the gums, there shouldn't be a reason for your teeth to drop out. Simples.

    Myth Number 3 – If the gums are bleeding, don't brush them!

    All of us have sometimes in our life have experienced bleeding gums whilst brushing our teeth. As a natural human instinct, if we are bleeding from an area on our body, avoid the area and allow the area to heal. Sometimes that can be true for certain wounds and injuries but not for your gums. The gums are bleeding because food that has been trapped between your teeth has turned into bacteria, which has gone beneath your gums causing your gums to become inflamed and swollen and creating blood blisters underneath the gums. When these blood blisters are disturbed, they burst and the blood will seep through to the top surface. This is also a sign you may have Gingivitis, the world's most common disease. To prevent bleeding of the gums, you must brush more thoroughly in the bleeding area disturbing and clearing as much bacteria as possible. The results will be, much cleaner and healthier gums with no bleeding.

    Myth Number 4 – Teeth Whitening will transform your teeth into Simon Cowells teeth!

    Some people would love to have white teeth as Simon Cowell does especially in a few parts of Liverpool and Essex! But for most of us, it's too much. Simon Cowell and Ryland for example have not got paper white teeth from Teeth Whitening. The treatment they have undergone is having porcelain veneers placed on their tooth surface. A veneer is like a false nail which fits onto the top surface of your teeth. You can decide what colour, shape and size you would like your veneers to be and healthy tooth has to be drilled slightly to accommodate the thin veneer so it can sit flush with the remaining natural teeth.

    Myth number 5 – Reducing your sugar intake will reduce your risk of caries!

    If you reduce your sugar consumption, let's say eat 1 donut after your lunch instead of 3, it will also reduce the risk of caries. One thing is for sure, it will help you lose some fat so still a useful myth but when it comes to caries, it's not the case. It's all about frequency. You can have 3, 5 or even a dozen donuts but as long as they are consumed all together, it's classed as one sugar attack. Your mouth has a neutral Ph. level of 5.5. If it drops below, it increases the risk of demineralisation and sugar makes the Ph. level drop. Your teeth can handle 3 Ph. drops a day or 3 sugar attacks a day. Best way to avoid these Ph. drops is by consuming sugary snacks and foods to meal times only and drink water or milk.

    About the author:

    Hassan Mushaid is a Dental Marketing Executive with clinical background and a passionate dental health blogger.

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