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    • syndister

      Hmmmm, I live in Miami and here is what I have to say…
      1) The guy riding a bike in his bathing suit…every town has one, it’s just a guy that wants attention…all of the tourists take pictures with him…it’s like the rollerblading musician in Venice Beach and the undie wearing singing cowboy in Times Square.
      2) Being a chonga IS NOT a way of life.
      3) I don’t wear chancletas, I wear flip-flops.
      4) ENGLISH is our first language, let’s get that straight, we’re still in the USA. I don’t speak Spanish.
      5) NEVER have I lived in a neighborhood where someone was raising chickens.
      6) We dress up to have dinner on Lincoln Road, but never do you see a woman in tacky green stillettos (okay, maybe at the Dolphin Mall)
      7) And “Cuban-time”…well, let me just say that anyone who respects you will show up on time. REGARDLESS of their ethnicity or what country they are from.
      8) the only time I see the Everglades or peacocks roaming the streets are when I have a friend in town who wants to see the “touristey” things in Miami…what I DO see is dolphin and stingrays and manatee from my living room window and parrots in the trees.
      9) I love Miami. The humidity, the people AND the tourists - and if you don’t, I’m sorry that you can’t see the beauty of our city and what it has to offer.
      10) What they left off this list is that Florida is a state where most people have come to from somewhere else, and we embrace other cultures, other people…most everyone here in Florida was once that new person looking for friends, as a whole Floridians are helpful, thoughtful people who all love the heat and sun.

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