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10 Things You Did On The Internet When You Were 12

OMG LOL! 12vie's - these are the things we did on our computer back in the day

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3. Liking a 1000s pages on Facebook that relate to you

My personal favourite was "what does idk stand for?" "i don't know" "does anybody know?". Back then, it was LOLCATS, or Keyboard Cats, or "Knock knock: Penny? · Knock knock: Penny? · Knock Knock: Penny?".

These days we like pages that mean something to us like McDonalds, or a charity or a friend's page. And where were all those pages we liked when we were 12? I don't know. They disappeared into the cloud when we realised we were mature and started to unlike them all.

4. Waiting for your friends to come online

It was a real place seeing your friends at school and waiting home at 3:15pm for them to come online. And the minute they did, you can guarantee there was no hesitation in clicking their little online button to start a conversation.

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