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    30 Mexican Christmas Dishes That You Should Try This Holiday Season

    It's officially tamale season, and we're very excited.

    Keep yourself warm this Christmas with warm bowls of pozole and other Mexican classics.

    Meals around Christmastime in Mexico can be a mix of seasonal dishes and other foods that are eaten year-round but feel especially popular during the holidays. From soups to moles and roasted ham, here are 30 delicious Mexican dishes from across the country that you should incorporate into your Christmas feast this year.

    1. Pork tamales

    Pork Tamales

    2. Pozole

    Red Pozole

    3. Rosca de Reyes

    Rosca De Reyes Cake

    4. Pierna de Puerco Adobada

    Pierna adobada

    5. Lomo de Puerco

    Sliced Pork Loin on Cutting Board

    6. Ensalada Navideña

    Creamy apple salad with walnuts

    7. Pavo

    Roasted Turkey Coming Out Of The Oven

    8. Buñuelos

    Sugar dusted buñuelos

    9. Champurrado

    Mug of creamy champurrado with cinnamon stick

    10. Ponche Navideño

    Mug of Ponche Navideño with fruit and sugarcane sticks

    11. Menudo

    Bowl of menudo with lime wedges and tortillas

    12. Calabaza en Tacha

    Candied pumpkin wedges

    13. Chiles en Nogada

    Stuffed poblano chile with nogada sauce and pomegranate seeds

    14. Mixiote

    Pouch filled with stewed meat in a red chile sauce

    15. Bacalao a la Vizcaína

    Mexican-style salted cod stew

    16. Birria

    A bowl of shredded birria

    17. Romeritos

    18. Mexican Wedding Cookies

    A plate of powdery Mexican wedding cookies

    19. Queso Relleno

    Edam cheese and ground meat with white gravy

    20. Mole Poblano

    Chicken drumsticks covered in brown mole poblano and sesame seeds

    21. Pollo almendrado

    Blue tortilla with chicken and almond mole

    22. Mole de Pavo

    Shredded Turkey breast with mole poblano and sesame seeds

    23. Glazed Ham

    Roasted and glaze ham with pinepple and cloves

    24. Flan Napolitano

    Creamy flan

    25. Gelatinas

    Gelatin cake with fresh strawberries

    26. Niño Envuelto

    Jam covered roll with swirl filling

    27. Mexican Hot Chocolate

    A mug of Mexican hot chocolate

    28. Atole de Calabaza

    29. Sweet Tamales

    Pink corn tamale with raisins

    30. Marranitos

    Pig-shaped brown cookie with coffee