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19 Things All Students Have Experienced

It's the most wonderful time of the year. #sike

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1. Having to say goodbye to summer (read: happiness).

2. Begging your parents not to make you go to school.

3. Teachers trying you.

4. Surviving the principal's office.

5. Not surviving the principal's office.

6. Your parents helping you study.

7. When your parent tries to help you deal with a bully.

8. Being asked 101 questions every day.

9. Your parent being pissed at you for missing the bus.

10. Fire drills being the best part of the day.

11. Long speeches on the way home from school.

12. Having to explain bad grades.

13. Juggling identities.

14. The glory of winning your first school fight.

15. Weekly pep talks.

16. Trying to convince your parents you really are too sick to go to school.

17. School days without your BFF.

18. Being asked how your day was.

19. Smiling through the pain.