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    24 Of Whitley Gilbert's Most Iconic Lines On "A Different World"

    "All I do is eat macaroni."

    1. When she spoke up for women everywhere.

    2. When she used carbs to cope.

    3. When she said these wise words.


    4. When she didn't let heartbreak get in the way of a good photo.

    5. When she shaded the hell out of Ron.

    6. When she kept it real.

    7. When she got drunk and fantasized about being with Denzel Washington.

    8. When she put Dwayne in his place.

    9. When she was fed up with being stereotyped.

    10. When she hit Ron with this epic "yo mama" clapback.

    11. When she showed the importance of Historically Black Colleges or Universities.

    12. When she had no chill about Freddie's lack of rhythm.

    13. When she wasn't here for women shrinking themselves to make men feel more secure.

    14. The time she was a little too good at taking a compliment.

    15. The time she took a trip down memory lane.

    16. When she shared her philosophy on men.

    17. When she hated her bridesmaid gown.

    18. When she found out Kim may be pregnant and shut down Freddie's optimism.

    19. When she shared her thoughts on dating a professor.

    20. When not even almost losing Dwayne took her mind off her clothes.

    21. When she schooled this little girl.

    22. When she let Freddie know all her years of trying to broaden her perspective didn't work.

    23. The time Dwayne put her in her place and she loved it.

    24. When she ran out of fucks to give.

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