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    21 Tweets About Allergies That Are Accurate As Fuck

    It's the most not-wonderful time of the year, beloved.

    1. Allergy season is in full swing, beloved.

    2. The time of year when you question if you truly belong on this planet.

    3. And if you really need your nose.

    4. Or eyeballs.

    5. Because they're causing you nothing but agony.

    6. And public embarrassment.

    7. And nobody believes you when you say it's just allergies.

    8. So you end up having to cancel your day and hide from the world.

    9. And spend it questioning if you'll live to see tomorrow.

    10. And reminiscing about happier times.

    11. Like when you thought being able to fly was more useful than not having allergies.

    12. Because allergies always win. Except when they're up against Sister Act.

    13. Or tequila, because we all know tequila lies to you about everything. Allergies are no exception.

    14. They're always in the corner, waiting to catch you slipping.

    *23 hours & 59 minutes after taking my allergy pill* My allergies:

    15. No matter how many medical cocktails you try.

    16. So soon you're so medicated up that you start to forget you're not funny.

    17. But you can't help but try to laugh through the pain.

    18. Because you can't even eat to make yourself feel better.

    19. But you can listen to Beyoncé, because there's a Bey song for all situations.

    20. But mostly you're just crying all day.

    21. Moral of the story: Never get cocky, because allergies will always be around to humble you.

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