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    Proof That "This Is Us" Has Emotionally Destroyed Us All

    No, you're crying! (OK, fine, so am I.)

    This Is Us is one of the biggest new shows on television.

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    Honestly, it's full of heartwarming moments that will make you feel like you're part of the Pearson family.

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    But then, just when it has you in the palm of its hands, it'll rip your heart out and leave you in a puddle of your own tears wondering how you got there.

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    And these people know what I'm talking about.


    started watching #ThisIsUs. was expecting something light and fun but now I am bawling my eyes out. strongest pilot I have seen in a while!


    Never knew a mailman could break my heart.... but @NBCThisisUs did. #ThisIsUs


    I'm attempting to cry a little bit each day so I can build up some emotional endurance for the season finale of This Is Us. #ThisIsUs


    Oh wow I didn't realize #ThisIsUs has its own bitmoji but now I see it does… I mean what else rips your heart out &…


    I bawled over a postcard. A POSTCARD!!!! #ThisIsUs @skelechiwatson


    #ThisIsUs is like a bad relationship. Every week u make me cry & I keep coming back. I wish I knew how 2 quit u. 😭😭😭 @NBCThisisUs


    #ThisIsUs makes my heart cry and feel in places I had forgotten where buried. I love this show, the actors and the writers.


    Me looking for my mailman after tonights episode. #ThisIsUs



    #ThisIsUs doesn't have commercials, they have emotional reprieve for viewer's to recover between scenes. #EveryoneCries


    Me at the beginning of every episode of #ThisIsUs vs me at the end of every episode. #ThisIsUs


    Catching up with #ThisIsUs and just SOBBING.


    "Goodbye my dearest Beth. The daughter I never had." #ThisIsUs


    #ThisIsUs Late to the party but every episode has me ugly crying!! I'm on episode 9. Beautiful show!…


    Always hydrate for tomorrow. Whether it's for a workout or an episode of #ThisIsUs.


    Finally had the guts to watch the last ep of #ThisIsUs. Ugly crying barely describes it. But it was beautifully done. @nbc


    I basically have to suck it up and finally watch #ThisIsUs tonight, but I'm know I'm gonna end up in the fetal posi…


    Tissues✅ Wine ✅ Fetal position ✅ Mom on speed dial ✅ About to catch up on #ThisIsUs 😓😓😓


    @NBCThisisUs Pretty sure I'll need to be medically sedated before watching the next episode! #ThisIsUs


    Just thinking about #ThisIsUs already has me crying. I can not believe tonight is already the season finale. 😭😭


    It's the day of the #ThisIsUs season finale and I'm already crying, seven hours before the show airs... but like it's fine

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