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18 Fun Facts We Learned About Gayle King

She's a toilet paper crumpler.

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Gayle King came to BuzzFeed New York Thursday where she was interviewed by Another Round's Tracy Clayton as part of the company's new Breakfast at BuzzFeed speaker series. Here are some cool facts we learned about the CBS This Morning host during their conversation:

1. She grew up in Turkey.

Chris Mcgrath / Getty Images

"When you're a little kid you go where your parents go. I thought everyone lived the way we did – we traveled to Turkey, Paris, Greece – my dad said one day I'd appreciate it (she does now) but then I never thought of it as 'what a great experience I'm having.'"


4. Despite constantly reporting on it, she'll never be desensitized to tragedy.

CBS This Morning / Via

"I always put myself in the position of this could happen to me,” she said. “I don’t want any of us to desensitized to that kind of news."

6. She's never smoked weed.

Universal Pictures / Via YOCELINES.TUMBLR.COM

Once when she was in college she was with a group of people smoking, she panicked and went to the bathroom in order to miss her turn. Then she faked as if she was high so no one would notice.

7. What she loves most about her job is that it would've made her parents proud.

Gayle King / Via

"My father used to make us watch Walter Cronkite, now I work in the building where his map is held." Both her mother and father have passed away.


13. Her favorite song on Lemonade is Sorry.

Parkwood / Via Tidal

"'He always got those fucking excuses!' I love that line and the way she says it. I understand. Speaking from my experience, I was married to a cheater cheater pumpkin eater so I get it. 'Middle finger up tell them boy, bye!'"

15. She doesn't consider herself a creative person.

Gayle King / Via

"I think Lin Manuel is a genius for taking this story and turning into a hip-hop musical. You can give me an idea and I can execute but I don't think i’m necessarily creative."


16. She once gave someone $75 by accident.

Harpo Productions / Via

She meant to give them $25 but there was a $50 bill crumpled up in between. "The man asked me if I meant to give him that much and I said yes because what else could I say?" she laughed.

17. She's lost 28lbs on Weight Watchers.

Gayle King / Via

It's her third time on the program. "The difference is I'm older now and understand the importance of being a healthy person. I also love that I can eat real food. I once used all 30 of my points on cronuts," she said.