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33 Photos That Show Beyoncé Living Her Best Life At 33

Here's to another year of Queen Bey living her best life! #BeyDay

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1. When she literally cartwheeled her way into her 33rd year.

2. When she showed you never have to outgrow flower crowns by wearing the most gorgeous one we've ever seen.

3. When she and Blue dressed up as another iconic family for Halloween.

4. When she gushed about the joy watching her BFF Kelly Rowland become a mom and being able to experience their children grow up together.

5. When she was apart of the greatest bridal party photo of all time.

6. When she recorded herself dancing around her hotel suite on an iPhone and it was still one of the best videos of the year. #IKnowYouCare

7. When not even the snow could cool her down.

8. When she and Jay redefined relationship goals once again.

9. Every time she visited a new country.

10. When she had an ice sculpture made for Blue Ivy's 3rd birthday.

11. When she knew this picture would set the world into a "Is Beyoncé pregnant?" craze and posted it anyway.

12. When she jumped off this yacht.

13. When she looked bad ass on the back of her hubby's motorcycle.

14. When she and Jay racked up at the Grammy's (again) and weren't too humble to own it.

16. Every time she allowed Blue to embrace her childhood.

17. When she and Solange showed they could still turn up with the best of them at Vanity Fair Oscar party.

18. When she rocked the hell out of this African fabric.

19. When Miss Tina proved that Beyoncé will never be too old to snatch every single one of your edges because look at her mother at 60! "Got damn got damn got damn!"

20. When Destiny's Child blessed us with this mini reunion performance.

21. When she taught Blue how to floss for the gram both literally and figuratively.

22. When she showed the world how in love she still is with her husband by sharing this intimate performance of "Die For You".

23. When she did Coachella in style.

24. When she wore nothing but jewels and the fiercest high ponytail known to man to the MET ball.

25. When she launched her "Bey Good" campaign and encouraged the world to give back like she does.

26. During every second of the "Feelin' Myself" video. Every. Single. Second.

27. When she defined her greatness. 👑🐝

28. When she embraced the importance of stopping to smell the roses.

29. When she allowed the sun to bathe in her greatness.

30. When she celebrated the legalization of same sex marriage. #LoveWins

31. When she used her superpowers to help the U.S. Women's soccer team win the championship.

32. When she became the third black women to ever grace the cover of Vogue's September issue.

33. Every time she showed that work life balance is important.


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