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    43 Times We Were Obsessed With Tracee Ellis Ross

    An ode to the style queen on her 43rd birthday.

    Tracee Ellis Ross is a flawless human being, not because she's without flaws, but because she embraces them with such perfection you can't help but love them too. Here are some of the actress' most flawless moments:

    1. When she turned a parking lot into her runway.

    2. When she literally out-shinned artwork.

    3. Every time she embraces her inner trap queen.

    4. When T-Murda busted out a solid 8 bars on national tv without thinking twice.

    5. When she made bamboo earrings look chic.

    6. When she took on the delicate job of understanding the lyrics to trap music.

    7. When she, unlike Olivia Pope, wasn't afraid to stand in the sun.

    8. Every time she symbolized black girl joy.

    9. When she too couldn't wait to read 'Between The World And Me'

    10. When her and Jessica Simpson proved they were the hottest sister-in-laws in town.

    11. Every time she smiles.

    12. When she showed us how good 40 can look.

    13. Everytime she laughs.

    14. When she became our favorite emoji.

    15. When she pulled off this latex number that we're sure wasn't easy to get in or out of with ease.

    16. When she became part of the coolest family on TV.

    17. When she wore this dress.

    18. When she stopped to recognize this amazing graduation cap (while getting an honorary doctorate from Brown University.)

    19. When this was actually something she pulled from her own closet.

    20. When she turned Cookie Monster into a fan.

    21. When she showed gratitude to the team that helps her look flawless daily.

    22. When she did her own hair.

    23. When she was the black Carrie Bradshaw on Girlfriends.

    24. When no amount of blur could hold her selfie back.

    25. When her arm candy game was top notch.

    26. When her glow reached goddess levels.

    27. When she made sitting in a chair look like a high fashion editorial.

    28. Every time she wins an award.

    29. When her sense of adventure moved mountains.

    30. When she proved there are levels to this accessory shit.

    31. When she wore menswear better than most men.

    32. When she served legendary face with her legendary mother.

    33. When she perfectly accessorized this backless dress.

    34. When she was a supermodel.

    35. When she entertained the writers for her show Black-Ish.

    36. When she hosted the 2015 BET Awards.

    37. When she needed didn't require a blanket to lay in the grass.

    38. When she voted.

    39. When she had the nerve to step out in daylight looking this 🔥

    40. When she wore these sunglasses.

    41. And this bikini.

    42. When Drake proposed to her on Instagram and she did this.

    43. When she was photographed by Andy freaking Warhol as a child.

    44. When she was in love with the coco.

    Happy 43rd birthday Tracee! Here's to another year of flawlessness!