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15 Things You Need To Know About Drake's "More Life"

The rapper shares details about his relationship with Jennifer Lopez, for one.

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2. He spills some tea about he and rumored ex-bae Jennifer Lopez.

He raps, "I drunk text J-Lo / Old number, so it bounce back" on "Free Smoke," so I guessss things didn't end well? He also makes a subtle hint that dating her was a teenage dream of his by sampling her single "If You Had My Love" on a track titled "Teenage Fever."


4. Yes that's Sampha singing on "4422," even though the track strangely doesn't include a feature credit or his name in the title like the others.

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Like most of us, Drake is apparently a big fan of the singer's heavenly vocals. This is their third collaboration, after "The Motion" and "Too Much."

(P.S. 4422 is an IRS tax form — to be exact, an "Application for Certificate Discharging Property Subject to Estate Tax Lien," whatever that means.)


9. Drake's back to his old ways of including people's voicemail messages on his songs. This time it's one from his mom, who seems to be a fan of Michelle Obama.

In a very mom-like fashion, Aubrey's mother Sandra calls to tell him that she's concerned about the negative tone she's hearing in his voice these days. She ends her message with a take on Michelle Obama's famous slogan during the 2016 Democratic National Convention: "when others go low, we go high." Long live Voicemail Drizzy.

10. We finally get a proper Drake and Kanye collaboration — one Ye may have dropped a clue about more than six months ago.

Ok bear with me, there's a bit to unpack here.

Both rappers have said that they are working on a joint album. Then Drake released a version of "Pop Style" with Kanye and Jay Z verses last year, but when Views came out on Apple Music and the like, Ye's verse had curiously been replaced with another from Drake. Then Kanye made Drake the target of one of his many rants during the Saint Pablo tour. Drake responded to this during an interview on his OVO Sound radio show on Beats 1, "I went from being… like working on a project with him, to him sorta publicly shitting on me and DJ Khaled for being on the radio too much.”

I'm still not sure if Kanye producing and rapping on "Glow" is a sign that the two were able to patch things up, but it does seem North knew this was coming for quite awhile.

Fun Fact: The track includes Earth, Wind, and Fire's classic "Devotion" #fortheculture.

11. Drake may or may not have told Nicki Minaj he still wants her on "Ice Melts."

"Look, I want you to myself / But I know you just left someone else / I know you did, he did a number on you / That must be why you move so icy"


12. "Nothings Into Somethings" seems like it's about his old flame Serena Williams' recent engagement.

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"Did I just read that you just got engaged on me? / I heard from your friend, you couldn't even tell me / Or better yet, wait on me... At least do I get an invitation or something / A statement or something / Ask about that, you would say it was nothing."

Serena does have a friend who is dating someone on the OVO team. The tea is hot.

13. Kendall Jenner is one of the only celebrity women directly named on the playlist.

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Drake has a history of shouting out women on his music, but on More Life, he reverts to talking about women without naming names, with the exception of Kendall Jenner.

14. We may not hear from Drake again until 2018.

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The playlist's last song, "Do Not Disturb" ends with these lines: "Taking summer off cause they tell me I need recovery / Maybe gettin' back to my regular life will humble me / I'll be back in 2018 to give you the summary."