Here's Why Black People Were The True Heroes of Vine

    From fleek to mmmohmygod yes, black Vine stars impacted the internet more than anyone else.

    Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to honor Vine, one of the most sacred and pure corners of the internet, before the app gets put to rest (shut down by Twitter).

    But now we have to prepare our hearts and minds to say goodbye to the beloved mobile app. So let's do what we do best and remember the good times:

    1. Like this little girl who changed the internet:

    2. Or this gem that need not ever be forgotten:

    3. The black woman single-handedly responsible for your eyebrows being on FLEEK:

    4. This home-going service:

    5. This spot-on re-enactment:

    6. All the family dance battles:

    7. This living legend:

    8. This funny remake:

    9. This gorgeous baby:

    10. All the R&B remixes:

    11. And homemade rap videos:

    12. All the times we caught each other acting a fool in public:

    13. The realest makeup tutorial ever made:


    15. Especially this one:

    16. This iconic payback video:

    17. Every time the youth found ways to help us laugh through the struggle:

    18. Every video mashup:

    19. This relatable moment:

    20. That time these guys brought this truth to life:

    21. This look back on history:

    22. This hilarious duo:

    23. This glimpse into the life of a Beyhive member:

    24. Whoever's mama this is:

    25. The young man who deserves a Grammy:

    26. The blackest fish that ever lived:

    27. This hella accurate portrayal of history:

    28. This science experiment:

    29. This legendary turn-up:

    30. The most perfect reaction Vine ever made:

    31. This thought that's crossed every black teen's mind:

    32. This relatable dining experience:

    33. This award-worthy news clip:

    34. This baby who is all of us:

    35. And finally, the man who changed the culture with a toilet seat. Mmmohmygod yes.

    RIP Vine mobile app. May every one of its legends get the checks they deserve.