15 Reasons "Luke Cage" Will Be Your New Favorite Netflix Series

    Have you seen Mike Colter?!

    1. Mike Colter is playing Luke.

    2. Mike Colter is fine as hell.

    3. His skin looks as if it was moisturized by the finest butter from the purest of cocoa beans.

    4. He's so moisturized it's overwhelming. He literally glows.

    5. He has a great smile.

    6. With a set of teeth so pearly white they'll blind you.

    7. Then there's the fact that he looks great in yellow.

    8. And black.

    9. And in nothing at all.

    10. He also has a stare that makes it seem like he can see into your soul.

    11. And he knows how to use it.

    12. His bald head is as smooth as a baby's bottom.

    13. He has a commanding presence...

    14. ...that exudes the strength of 20 men.

    15. You'll get to experience all of this and more every episode so don't mess up and miss all of this.