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    Can We Talk About Jesse Williams, Again?

    How can one be that woke and that beautiful AT THE SAME DAMN TIME.

    Sooo just in case you forgot, Jesse Williams is still out here being fine, smart, talented, and woke, y'all.

    Like, he'll tweet things like this.

    And then look at you with those perfect pale blue eyes like this.

    Then go remind everyone of excellent points like this.

    And this.

    While πŸ‘πŸΎ still πŸ‘ 🏾 looking πŸ‘ 🏾 like πŸ‘ 🏾 this πŸ‘πŸΎ

    He even manages to be woke about how gorgeous he is. How sway?!

    And he's always down to support a good cause.

    And clap back when necessary.

    Can we also talk about how great he looks in glasses?

    Perfect for when he decides to read America's race issues.

    And its lackluster presidential candidates.

    And just when you think he can't be any more perfect, he reminds you that he's also super relatable.

    With a gaze that will snatch your soul.

    It's like he was created in a lab or something.


    Thank you for existing, Jesse. Never change.