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For Everyone Who Had A Sexual Awakening Watching D'Angelo's "Untitled" Video

You can fight me on this if you want to idc, idc, idc.

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You know, just an annual reminder, in case for some unimaginable reason, you FORGOT I'm talking about the video where THIS happened.

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(Even though I'm not sure how one even existed in the year of our Lord 1999 and missed THIS.)


As the suggestive lyrics of "Untitled" finally begin, his full face emerges and you realize, "Oh he's shirtless. Wow, what a treat."


Meanwhile, D'Angelo is just there wailing his heart away, taking advantage of damn near all of your senses, and just making you FEEL all kinds of things.

Virgin Records / Via

If you were born in the late '80s/early '90s it was probably a pivotal moment in your adolescence.

Finally, just when you're ready to dive into the television, the song comes to an abrupt stop and D'Angelo give you one last "Yes, I just messed your entire life up" before the screen goes black.

Whew, (re)experience it all again below at your own risk.

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Virgin Records / Via

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