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    For Everyone Who Had A Sexual Awakening Watching D'Angelo's "Untitled" Video

    You can fight me on this if you want to idc, idc, idc.

    Sooo can we just take a moment to talk about how D'Angelo's "Untitled (How Does It Feel?)" video was the sexiest music video of all time?

    You know, just an annual reminder, in case for some unimaginable reason, you FORGOT I'm talking about the video where THIS happened.

    OK, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's just start at the beginning. It was 1999 when this close up of D'Angelo's perfect cornrows appeared on television.

    All of a sudden, a gorgeous brown face comes into focus and D'Angelo opens those dreamy eyes of his and looks America dead in the face.

    And before you know what's about to happening you, he licks his perfectly plump lips and starts humming.

    As the suggestive lyrics of "Untitled" finally begin, his full face emerges and you realize, "Oh he's shirtless. Wow, what a treat."

    Suddenly things escalate as the camera pans backwards and stops just shy of his...

    ...his... it stops right here.

    And just as you're taking all of that in he hits you with this subtle move that makes it clear he's come to play with your emotions.

    And play with your emotions he does.

    Even looking down occasionally with a teasing smile as if to say, "if only you could see what I see."

    Next thing you know this man starts spinning; hitting us with a 360 degree thirst trap.

    And at this point you're just begging the cameraman to take one for the team and lower the freaking camera.


    Meanwhile, D'Angelo is just there wailing his heart away, taking advantage of damn near all of your senses, and just making you FEEL all kinds of things.

    Finally, just when you're ready to dive into the television, the song comes to an abrupt stop and D'Angelo give you one last "Yes, I just messed your entire life up" before the screen goes black.

    That's it. It's over. And you're left just sitting on the couch wondering what this man just did to you. Forever changed.

    Whew, (re)experience it all again below at your own risk.

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