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    What We Could All Learn From Kim Kardashian's Epic Clapback

    Patience is a petty virtue.

    1. Record everything!

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    You never know when you may need to pull some receipts out from under an (alleged) shady pop singer. (See point #2.)

    2. Know the law!

    3. Choose your battles wisely!


    Hundreds of thousands of lies are thrown on the Kardashian/West/Jenner/Disick clan every day. Some let their emotions lead when they respond (Hey, Khloe) and others know only step into ring when they know they're going to win. (What's good Kris, Kim, and Blac Chyna!)

    4. Use the press…


    Kim using GQ as a platform/paper trail was a great way to A) get her side of the story out to eyes beyond her audience and B) bait the opposition (Taylor's team) into responding. The more they were forced to say, the harder it was to backtrack. For example, now Taylor is claiming to only be upset about the "that bitch" line (it's the one part of the line that he didn't say over the phone) even though she's been quoted as being upset about the misogyny and ownership over her fame parts prior to the video's release.

    5. … but save the dagger for your own platform

    do u guys follow me on snap chat? u really should ;-)

    Kim used GQ to accuse Taylor of lying and reveal they had proof that Taylor's lawyers asked them to destroy BUT she used her own show and social media accounts to SHOW AND PROVE that it was true. By using her own ish to break the news, not some other site, she gets credit for all the clicks/views. Kris Jenner 101.

    6. Let them dig their own hole.


    If you learn nothing else from this remember that patience is a petty virtue. The average person would have pressed the trigger on that video as soon as Taylor pretended to be shocked and appalled by her mention in "Famous." If Kim had done that Taylor never would have had the opportunity to keep making statements that contradicted her reaction during her call with Kanye. Including the whole Grammy acceptance speech about "people who try to take credit for your fame" that was basically a subtweet to Kanye.

    7. Tease you got some fire coming in case other enemies are feeling froggy and can help contribute to your mission.

    I know you're off tour and you need someone new to try and bury like Katy ETC but I'm not that guy, sorry. I won't allow it

    I'm not saying the teaser for yesterday's KUWTK episode helped encourage Calvin Harris to speak out about his own beef with Taylor, but I'm not saying it didn't either. All I know is, knowing Kim was about to expose Taylor on national TV may have given him the confidence to stick up for himself when her team tried to make him look bad (pattern?).

    8. Have your hype (wo)men ready.

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    Once you light the fire you gotta have friends and fam ready to hype your "checkmate!" up because you can't brag about your own shade, it takes away from the finesse. In this case it was Khlo$$, but Kim might want to consider someone who won't take things too far next time. I vote Blac Chyna.

    9. Don't mess with the wife of Pablo.


    Katy, Demi, Nicki, Kanye, Calvin all talked a good game... but none of them were able to do what it took to execute like Kim. Bravo.

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