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29 Times Solange Led The Carefree Black Girl Movement

Happy 29th Birthday Solo!

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1. When she ran through a castle in designer clothing.

2. When she took wedding photos to another level.

3. When she showed her son new heights.

4. When she wasn't afraid to be on the wrong side of the tracks.

5. When she made this adorable make-up free video with her hubby even though he didn't want to be in it at first.

He eventually caved because, black girl magic.

6. When she went camping on NYE and proved that real women drink whiskey.

7. When she showed that carefree is the new sexy.

8. When she loved fearlessly.

9. When she channeled carefree black girl legend Diana Ross.

10. When she laid in the grass with no blanket.

11. When she managed to slay in a carefree manner.

12. When she wasn't afraid to be a big kid.

13. When she taught us that long walks on the beach are vital to happiness.

14. When she didn't act like she was too cool for a mirror selfie.

15. When she trained the next generation's carefree black girl leader.

16. When she shared her bad hair day with us.

17. When she climbed a tree.

18. When her braids had no bounds.

19. When she took time to float and soak in the sun.

20. When she out-shined the pyramids.

21. When she didn't wait 30 minutes after eating to swim.

22. When she and her girlfriends played in a cave.

23. When her manicure matched her spirit.

24. When she wasn't afraid to dance in the rain.

25. When she made life look easy.

26. When she made an old lifeguard station look like a throne.

27. When she found this magical place.

28. When she rode a bike to/from her wedding.

29. When she was too free for this photo to capture.

Happy birthday Solange! Never change!

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